Split training program

By | June 19, 2019

At each workout, the athlete works out a separate group of muscles several times, performing several repetitions of various exercises. The frequency of repetitions and the need to work out a particular muscle group depends on the chosen goal. Depending on the goal, the athlete is working on a specific muscle group.

What is a split system and why is it needed?

The split system includes a set of exercises for a specific muscle group. At the beginning of the workout, a warm-up is performed, then the athlete proceeds to perform a specific set of exercises, which has a strict sequence and provides for a certain number of repetitions of exercises. Split system is an essential element of training, which allows you to train individual muscle groups in detail, achieving your goal.

Split system is necessary to achieve the goal – to increase muscle mass or increase strength. If the athlete chooses a goal to increase strength, the principle of training the nervous system is used, classes are held 2-3 times a week, days of high and low intensity of training alternate. If the goal of building muscle mass is chosen, a split system is used with exercises aimed at the growth of these indicators, a training scheme is used 1-2 times a week with average intensity, 2-3 times a week training is conducted with low intensity.

To achieve the goal of creating a relief press, a split system is used, which starts and accelerates the metabolic processes in the body. In this case, once a week, a specific muscle group is intensively studied, the remaining 3-4 times a week, the exercises are conducted with a low degree of intensity.

Split system types

There are several varieties of the split-system, to increase muscle mass, the principle of training large muscle groups with small ones is used. The split system allows you to perform different groups of exercises on different days during the week. Such a system provides for a change and a gradual increase in the intensity of the exercises, depending on the chosen goal.

The split system for antagonists includes in the first two days of training the study of a group of muscles of the back and chest, biceps of the hips and quadriceps. Then a break of 1 day is made, then the next day the biceps and triceps are trained. During the week between workouts, a break of 1-2 days is made depending on the goal. There is also a split system for training with division according to exercise types and a split system for training synergists.

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