Squatting for girls

By | April 8, 2019

The world of fitness is divided into three unequal parts. The first believe that squatting with a barbell for girls is necessary, if there are no contraindications to it as a musculoskeletal system. Women differ from men only in the center of gravity, in the sense of squat biomechanics. And they differ to the advantageous side – it is usually easier for them to perform the exercise with the proper amplitude. The second think that women should not squat, as this leads to hypertrophy of the muscles of the thigh, which in the opinion of this category of citizens is ugly. Still others invent some technical methods that allow to exclude these same thigh muscles from movement to the maximum. In general, there is plenty of discussion.

Squatting in fitness training

Powerlifting with a barbell is subject to the same technical rules for both men and women. In fitness, the technique is also one. However, many exclude squat due to the fact that they are simply not ready for it physically. A big problem with fitness clubs is that they prefer not to use the technique of basic exercises in order to avoid injuries among clients, and situations where a person does not understand for a long time what to do and why, and therefore he quits.

Meanwhile, without squats, it is problematic to achieve good strength performance, to strengthen the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, and also to gain the skill of stabilizing the back under load. Squatting is one of the most energy-intensive exercises in women’s training, and can bring significant benefits to those trying to lose weight.

Working muscles

The movement is carried out mainly due to the large and medium gluteus muscles, extensors, flexors, and adductor muscles of the thigh. Muscles of calves also work in exercise. Body muscles work as stabilizers.


The bar is installed on racks at an available height;

First, the neck is grasped by the hands, with a closed grip at a level slightly wider than the shoulders, then the “entry” under the neck is carried out;
the projectile is placed on top of the trapezium, if the growth is small and it is convenient
or the bar moves lower if the athlete is tall and her legs are long;
palms pressure is applied to the neck so that it lies stable;
straightening is performed at both knee joints, removal of the bar from the posts, then pushing off, and stopping;
in the free position, the feet are spread to a comfortable width, if this is a classic squat – slightly wider than the pelvic bones, the socks are set with one’s knees, and not at any given angles;
the stand should be stable, to stabilize it, the abdominal muscles are reduced, the abdomen is tightened, and the knees are slightly bent before the first repetition begins;
then bending in the knee and hip joints, and lowering the pelvis into the plane of the knee joint or below;
after that – the rise and the specified number of repetitions;
then you need to stop, take 2 steps forward and return the projectile to the rack.

Errors are putting the body on the hips, transferring the weight on the toes, flattening the knees in and pushing the knees.

In the training process, various modes are used, from 1-6 to 20 or more repetitions, depending on the goal. It is usually advised not to exceed a volume of more than 50 boom lifts per workout.

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