Stretching the quadriceps

By | January 14, 2019

Oddly enough, under the stretching of the quadriceps muscle of the thigh understand two exercises. One of them is really a stretching movement for the front surface of the thighs, while the second is a gymnastic exercise with its own weight, and is aimed at working out the muscles of the thighs and buttocks.

Purpose of the exercise

If we are talking about stretching exercises, its goal is to increase the flexibility of the hip joint, to improve the stretching of the muscles of the front surface of the thigh, to improve the condition, well-being and recovery. The increased elasticity of muscle fibers according to new scientific research data also contributes to muscle hypertrophy.

If we are talking about gymnastic exercise, it helps to improve the flexibility, mobility of the knee and hip joints, and also gives tone to the muscles of the front surface of the thigh.

Stretching exercise include strength training at the end to remove the tone. Gymnastics can serve as an addition to the classic strength training or one of the movements that reveal the hips before squatting with a pistol.


It is necessary to stand upright, spread the feet to a comfortable width, and slightly tighten the pelvis. To draw in the stomach, and bring the heel of the stretched leg to the buttock with the hand, then slightly “push” the pelvis forward, as if tilting it. Get the tension of the front of the thigh, you should hold it from 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Gymnastics exercise reminds preparation for a half bridge. An occupant kneels, tightens the abdomen and performs a simple straight back bend, bending at the knee, but not at the hip joints. In this case, the buttocks are tightened and the pelvis slightly curved upwards, all this contributes to the stretching of the quadriceps. But the reverse movement occurs due to the contraction of the muscles and the “push” by the pelvis along the amplitude arc. This exercise cannot be included in the training of people with problem or injured knee joints and ligaments.

Approaches and repetitions

There is an opinion that it is necessary to carry out stretching in the process of strength training, between approaches. This can relieve discomfort due to muscle tone, but does not contribute to the effectiveness of strength training. Although there is a hypothesis that the rapid sharp stretching of the muscles improves strength. But it should be stretching literally for 5 seconds and perform it better from a different starting position. In general, it will be better if you do your stretching after the approach of strength exercises. Usually it is enough to pull one muscle or a group of muscles in one approach from 30-60 seconds. Technically more complex and involving the hip joint on the “opening” are performed for a longer time.

Gymnastic exercise from a kneeling position is performed in 15-20 repetitions, in 2-3 approaches, depending on how the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee joint is felt.

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