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Superset or super series is a very common concept in bodybuilding. This series was invented to effectively improve muscle and develop strength. A superset always runs with or without a weight loss, an athlete uses two exercises in one, and they should be directed to work with one muscle group. The method of implementing the training superset implies the alternate implementation of exercises without rest. After a short break, you need to do the next superset.

Superset execution rates

Regarding the speed of execution, that is, the division into types, namely:

  • Maximum.
  • Fast.
  • Average.
  • Slow.

The first option can be implemented either without burdening or with a minimum. It is often used to reduce weight and develop muscle relief. The second type is slower than the maximum, its widespread use is observed if there is a need to develop speed and strength, and use a medium or large burden.

For the development of special endurance weight should be reduced, and the frequency of movements increased. It is important to understand that the maximum acceleration is likely to affect the quality of performance, which means that the effect of reducing the development of strength and usefulness of the exercise is quite likely. In order that the result is not lost, it is necessary to control the quality of performance, for example, to do exercises for a fixed time (per minute, count the number of squats or pushups and increase their number over time).

The average pace is considered optimal for most athletes in such a superset, the principle of training is based on muscular tension and relaxation – these two processes alternate, which is best displayed on the internal organs. Burden at such a pace can be stronger, in the range of 70-80   % of the maximum. If physical training is at a high level, then you can use more weight. Take less than 70 for the average burden rate   % ineffective.

Slow tempo is used when:

  • It gives the best result in some exercises, as an example – bench press behind the head.
  • Doing the exercise at a fast pace is not possible. This can happen with muscle damage.
  • If there is a need to activate a large muscle group.
  • It will not be possible to use the inertial movements of the projectile, and the muscles are constantly tense – these factors lead to an increase in the effectiveness of such training.

There is a good option to combine with isometric exercises.

I would like to note that in pure form this or that pace is practically not used, that is, they are united in groups. For example, combine slow with medium and fast. Adjusting the length of rest between sets is best done by measuring the pulse. Consider the fact that a high load takes longer to recover.

Weight loss and muscle growth with a superset

The variety that a superset training provides is not comparable to any other. A tense series of two exercises, the interval between them is no more than 15-20 seconds, may well include different muscles and develop them. In the superset is not accepted to include exercises for those muscles that are located far from each other. It is easy to explain: the main purpose of the superset is to pump blood into a specific area of ​​the body, and it will not work to guarantee the flow to the hips and, for example, to the chest.

The most important thing that can be achieved with the help of supersets is the ability to get results in a short time, you will not spend it on different exercises, but combine the study of a separate section or group of muscles in one. In addition, you will spend half the time on this. By putting together your training with a focus on supersets, you can avoid typical aerobic exercise, such as running, walking, etc.

To strengthen the muscles of the super series is also a very good help. After all, it is well known that the better blood is poured during training, the better they grow and develop. In the superset, a rush of blood is simply unrealistically large.

Biceps-Triceps Supersets

Good exercises for biceps and triceps are:

  • Arm extension in a block standing 10 times in 3 sets.
  • Bending the arms in a block standing 10×3.
  • Bending arms with dumbbells sitting – 10×3.
  • Press bar lying narrow grip – 10×3.

Breast Super Series

For effective muscle growth you need to plunge them into shock and surprise. It is quite possible to do this with the help of classical exercises for antagonist muscles, and it is even better to load one separate muscle with different exercises. Thus, for the pectoral muscles, an example of a superset will consist of a dumbbell bench press (10×3) and the layout of them in the prone position (10×3).

Superset is able to load not only the entire muscle, but also its individual part. So, for example, in the bench press, the pectoral muscles are included, for working out the outer parts it is rational to use the wiring, and the inner part will help to improve the exercises on the crossover.

Super Series Examples

  • For a back: draft of a bar in an inclination and draft of the top block to a breast (wide successful fellow).
  • For the chest: bench press from the prone position – wiring dumbbells in the prone position upside down.
  • For quadriceps – leg press and leg extension in the simulator.
  • For the biceps of the thigh – barbell (legs straight) – bending the legs in the simulator lying down.
  • For the shoulders – dumbbell bench press from the chest – swing the dumbbell across the sides while sitting.
  • For caviar – lifting socks in a standing simulator – lifting socks in a simulator while sitting.
  • For the press – the slopes of the block standing up – lifts bent legs on the bench lying.

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