The best weight loss equipment

By | December 29, 2018

The best weight loss equipment

Contrary to the well-established opinion, weight loss simulators are required not only for girls, but also for a considerable part of the “strong half” of humanity, they also wouldn’t definitely hurt. However, they often ask the question: which kind of simulator should be purchased for maximum efficiency?

An unequivocal answer to give, alas, will not work. After all, many are limited both in funds and in a free space in the apartment. In addition, different simulators are used to load different parts of the body. For weight loss, however, they all fit perfectly. But perhaps one of the most effective is the so-called elliptical trainer, as well as the well-known treadmill and bicycle trainer.

Basic weight loss equipment

  • elliptical trainers;
  • Treadmills;
  • exercise bikes;
  • steppers;
  • rowing simulators;
  • manual simulators.

Elliptical trainer

It is rightly considered one of the best, since it evenly distributes the load on all the major muscle groups. This simulates running or brisk walking involving not only the legs, but also the hands.

In addition, elliptical trainers are not too heavy on the joints. This allows you to use them within exercise therapy. Half an hour of training on such a simulator burns about 350 kilocalories.


It is also quite an effective type of simulators not only for burning fat, but also for training the heart. Running generally has a beneficial effect on the entire body as a whole. However, not everyone has the opportunity to make morning runs. In addition, in the conditions of a gassed city, such runs can do more harm than good.

Running trainers also have a positive side in that they allow you to change the degree of resistance of the tape and its inclination, simulating, for example, climbing uphill.

Exercise bikes

They can often be found in fitness centers along with treadmills. As the name implies, they imitate cycling. Such simulators are indispensable for those who do not have the opportunity to make full-fledged cycling. In addition, exercise bikes allow you, like the treadmills, to adjust the degree of resistance of the pedals, while imitating climbing the mountain or driving against the wind.

It is very good if such a simulator has a built-in computer that will show the degree of load, the heart rate and pulse of the exerciser, as well as the speed and number of “kilometers traveled”.


As the name implies, these are simulators that imitate steps along a ladder. You can also change the degree of resistance of the stepper spring. The advantage of such simulators can be considered compact. There are even portable steppers that you can take with you on a trip.

Separately, there are steppers, which are really moving stairs – a kind of escalator in miniature.

Rowing Equipment

Imitate the paddler’s movements with oars. They are suitable not only for training of rowers, but can be recommended for everyone else. When using the rowing simulator, intensive work occurs on both the arms, back and legs. That is why, along with rapid fatigue, there is also a quick discharge of excess fat. However, rowing simulators are unfairly extremely disliked by many people precisely for the reason that training them leads to great fatigue.

Manual exercise equipment

In conditions of lack of space, you can resort to training with manual simulators. They are compact, but somewhat less effective than the devices described above. For manual simulators include:

an expander – develops the muscles of the shoulder girdle and at the same time promotes fat burning;
hoop. He is hulahup. Known since the time of the USSR. Many girls twist the hoop in order to increase flexibility and lose fat from the waist;
jump rope – a very effective tool for burning calories. Jumping jumps, in addition, improve the speed of reaction and increase the accuracy of movements;
gymnastic ball. Exercises on fitball not only contribute to fat loss, but also train the vestibular apparatus, as well as improve the accuracy of coordination of movements;
gymnastic disc. You can take it with you on the road or turn around while standing on it in an apartment. Only half an hour of classes per day – and after a rather short time, the reinforced waist will say “thank you”;
dumbbells. Of course, we are not talking about weightlifting dumbbells. This refers to gymnastic dumbbells weighing up to 5 kg. They strengthen muscles well when performing gymnastic exercises and accelerate fat burning.
Of course, when it comes to getting rid of excess fat – you must first follow a strict diet. Even the most intense workouts will not help if you continue to absorb calories at the same pace. The general principle for all types of weight loss is to consume less calories than you expend.

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