The contraction of the transverse abdominal muscles

By | June 15, 2019

To create a relief and beautiful flat stomach it is very important to train the abdominal muscles. Its beautiful shape depends not only on the abdominal muscles alone, but also on the transverse muscles of the abdomen. This is one of the main types of muscles, which takes part in the formation of body mass and the creation of correct (and therefore beautiful) posture.

These muscles are also called “skeletal”. This is because they play a crucial role in the formation of the skeleton.

Exercise characteristics

This exercise has the following characteristics:

  • Develops stabilizing muscles of the musculoskeletal system;
  • The muscles of the abdomen are isolated while reducing the transverse muscles of the abdomen. This is achieved by standing (on the hands and on the knees);
  • In the course of this exercise, a closed motor circuit arises;
  • The athlete has the ability to overcome his own body weight;
  • Its features are suitable for performance by all categories of athletes – from “beginner” to “advanced”.

Performing this exercise makes it possible to detect the deepest layers of the muscles, as well as strengthen them. Strengthening them helps to develop respiratory strength. Thanks to their training, mono do a more complete exhalation.

The contraction of the transverse abdominal muscles: what is the emphasis

When performing an exercise to reduce the transverse abdominal muscles standing, the following muscle groups are used:

  • The muscles of the abdomen – in particular, the straight;
  • Muscle, able to straighten the spine;
  • Internal and external oblique abdominal muscles;
  • Square lumbar muscle;
  • The muscle supporting the spine in a normal position, straightening it;
  • The muscles of the buttocks (small and medium);
  • Deltoid;
  • Large chest muscle;
  • Rotating humeral cuff;
  • Anterior gear muscle;
  • Triceps

The combination of movement contributes to the full development of the transverse muscle of the abdomen and training of the abdominals.

Technique to reduce the transverse abdominal muscles

First make the air as deep as possible. During exhalation, you must tighten the navel in the direction of the spine. At the same time, it is necessary to achieve a sensation as if the abdominal wall as if approaching the spine. The position of the spine itself must be kept neutral. Next, you need to return to its original position and repeat the cycle.

Recommendations for achieving a starting position when training the transverse abdominal muscles.

  1.   Position – on your knees. Hands need to rest against the floor. Hands should be placed under the shoulders. The knees are located under the pelvis.
  2.   In this case, it is necessary to achieve a neutral position of the spine.
  3.   Chest must be straightened.

When performing this exercise, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • All movements must be performed slowly, control every movement;
  • The back does not need to bend or bend;
  • The chest must be flattened and lowered shoulder blades in a kneeling position;
  • If the transverse muscle of the abdomen is strained, then there should be a feeling that the waist is getting smaller.
  • Exercises must be performed on a gymnastic mat. Opposite arms and legs must be lifted at the same time – then you can achieve high effectiveness of these exercises.

There is a variant of the exercise – superman in flight with the support on the knee. It is suitable for an advanced category of athletes. However, it gives high results and helps to maintain the correct posture. At the same time a beautiful abdominals is also trained.

The number of required approaches is 2–3, with 8–10 repetitions each.

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