The main goal is to hang more on the bar

By | October 29, 2019

There are a lot of bodybuilders and, I confess, I myself used to chase large weights. And all because I read a lot of everything on the Internet and heard a lot of “experienced” pitching, who claimed that the more weight on the bar, the better. Complete nonsense. What a pity that I realized this too late. I hope you don’t make such a gross mistake, especially if you are the same bad guy like me.

The harsh truth is that in the pursuit of large weights only strength is added. Muscle mass is quietly waiting until you start to reap small weights of 12 repetitions. There is no muscle growth from large weights and a small number of repetitions!

For each exercise, take only that weight with which you can do 12 repetitions. If you made a mistake with the weight and did it only 10 times – throw off excess pancakes from the bar and select such a weight that you make it for the 12th time. That is, I’m talking about the fact that it’s also not worth taking a very small weight. Find yourself enough weight for all exercises to do 11-12 reps, no more and no less. It’s okay if you do the 12th repetition with someone else’s help. Feel free to ask those who work near you to insure you! It is important!

And do not forget about the right technique. Without it, muscle growth will not be! You must do it right, otherwise you will, like me, be engaged for years without the slightest hope for muscle growth. Plus, the wrong technique is dangerous due to possible injuries and sprains.

I really hope that you understand this and will not make my mistakes.

A month will pass, you will see + 3 kilograms standing on their electronic scales. I guarantee.

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