The protein-carbohydrat

By | August 24, 2018

The protein-carbohydrate window is a condition of the body when the metabolism needs the use of nutrients (proteins and carbohydrates), which become the engine of muscular creation. In fact, it is proved that this does not lead to an increase in the fatty layer and the appearance of fatty deposits. The energy received at this time goes into the muscles. The duration of the carbohydrate window is from forty minutes to two hours. Each person has different ways, depending on individual abilities.

Food intake during the protein-carbohydrate window is most productive for the formation of a beautiful body. In fact, this is one of the most important meals for the whole day. The absorbed food leaves on restoration of the muscular fibers injured at shock trainings. Replaced the energy balance spent, which will serve as a source of strength in the performance of further physical exercises.

After shock training, carbohydrates and proteins will be digested in the best way for the reason that at this time there is an increased level of muscle synthesis. The length of the protein-carbohydrate window depends on the duration of the increased level of anabolic processes in the muscles (and this is one to two days – depends on the personal characteristics of the athlete and physical activity during training). The brightest period of anabolism can be traced in the first hours after training, so ensuring the body with important macronutrients should occur at this very moment.

To achieve a rapid effect of muscle growth, it is important to give the body protein and carbohydrate charge after each workout. Immediately after training, it is necessary to consume both carbohydrate and protein foods. Do not forget about vitamins. Carbohydrates and proteins, taken after classes, solve a number of problems associated with the restoration of muscle tissue and ensuring its synthesis. Usually this period takes about forty minutes.

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