The same exercises every workout.

By | October 25, 2019

When I was stupid (in terms of bodybuilding), and this is as much as 10 years, I had favorite exercises that I always wanted to do. And he did. I chose them because I just liked to make them. And I believed that someday muscles would begin to grow if I continued to do these “favorite” exercises.

Years passed, nothing changed. And I continued to “hammer” these same exercises almost every training session and did not even change their places.

Those. Started with a horizontal bench press and ended with an exercise on the press. Always like this. Vovka helped me change this disgrace.

The trick is that each correct workout needs to be alternated between exercises: for example, today the first exercise is your horizontal bench press, the second exercise is an inclined bench press. So, in the next training session (in a week) you have to swap places: start already with an inclined bench press. And it gives a result! Muscles do not get used to the same sequences of exercises, they begin to grow! Almost before our eyes!

Short rest between reps.

My very first coach struck me in the head that it was not enough to rest between repetitions – one minute, no more. And I, backed up by similar information from the Internet, did just that. 10 years. Without really resting, without catching my breath, I went to do the next approach.

As you already understood, this had nothing to do with the growth of my muscles. I don’t know what they gave me these short breaks, but certainly not an increase in muscle mass.

Two months ago, Vladimir told me to rest more. And not just more, but as much as needed to be able to do the same 12 repetitions of 4 sets with a working weight!

Especially great rest is important for squats and deadlifts.

No need to rush. Have time. Did the exercise to failure 12 times, relax, drink some water, walk around the hall. It is better not to sit, but to walk, until you feel that your breathing has leveled off. And only then proceed to the next approach.

You will notice that resting a little you can not do 12 repetitions with a working weight, you will quickly get tired and throw off pancakes from the bar. 2-3 minutes is usually enough. And do not look at the clock or stopwatch. Act as you feel. It’s not hard.

The result will be. Your muscles will like it and they will begin to grow.

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