Thrust block to the side

By | July 25, 2019

Traction block to the side can be done with both hands and one. However, the traditional is considered to be two-handed. Naturally, this requires a block simulator. The handle can be both soft and iron – it does not really matter.

The block in the side – working muscles

During the execution of the block to the side mainly involved the pectoral muscles, as well as trapezoidal and deltoid. The middle muscles of the back are included as auxiliary ones.
Therefore, this exercise can be included in the splits of many training complexes.

How to make a block to the side

The exercise is performed in several phases:

  • Initial position. The athlete stands sideways to the simulator, straightening the body, legs shoulder-width apart. The handle of the simulator is taken with two hands.
  • Hands pull the handle down and back so as to lift the weight, and straighten the arms. At the same time it is important to ensure that the work with the weight is due to the target muscles, and not the body. Also, do not use the force of inertia and jerk. The movement should be as “thoughtful” as possible and controlled.
  • The final phase is a slow return to the starting position. Unacceptable “throwing” of weight.

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