Traction dumbbell lying on his stomach

By | August 2, 2019

Some exercises are aimed at training a small group of muscles, which allows you to make and very effective. To such exercises can be attributed to the dumbbell, while in the prone position.

Traction dumbbell lying on his stomach: what muscles work?

Dumbbell dumbbell in the supine position is another ideal exercise that allows for pinpoint development of the posterior deltoid muscle bundles. The peculiarity of this exercise is to use an inclined bench, which ensures the absence of the possibility of cheating. In this case, there is practically no possibility to use the force of inertia or other muscles.

Technique traction dumbbell lying on his stomach

The technique for performing the exercise in question can be divided into the following key points:

  1.   On the bench you need to go head down.
  2.   Dumbbells are taken in both hands.
  3.   During inhalation, dumbbells are raised to chest level.
  4.   On the exhale, the dumbbells are lowered to the starting position.

Exercise is performed several times.

For high-quality exercise you should choose a small weight. The repetition occurs due to the elbow rises, at this moment the back of the delta is strained. In the highest position, hold your hands for a few seconds and only then begin the reverse movement.

To make the exercise even more effective, you can work with each hand alternately. In this case, it is possible to lift the selected dumbbells higher, and due to the larger stroke, the load on the rear deltas will be higher.

In conclusion, we note that the deltas, as a rule, lag far behind other muscle groups, if initially the trainings were not aimed at their development. That is why the exercise should be carried out at the beginning of training the shoulder group. Initially, it is recommended to choose smaller weights, which will allow you to hone the technique of execution.

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