Training goals

By | July 1, 2019

An athlete who starts training activities must set a goal. The goal is closely related to what effect he wants to achieve from training. Based on the goal, a training plan is drawn up, and other features of the diet and a healthy lifestyle are selected.

Why you need to decide for the purpose of training

The purpose of the training is necessary so that the athlete gets the necessary effect from the training. Often, the goal of training depends on whether the athlete is engaged in the chosen matter professionally or the lessons will be amateurish and will allow him to maintain his physical fitness at a certain level. The purpose of training is necessary for the preparation of an individual training program. Knowing his goal, the athlete will be sure that the tasks assigned to him will allow him to achieve the desired result over time.

The purpose of training is chosen before the start of classes, but it can be changed in the first stages, when a person will assess their physical abilities and clearly define their desire to achieve a particular result in sports.

What are the goals of training

There are several training goals that athletes select at the start of a class decision. Assistance in choosing a goal can be obtained from a trainer or after attending a training session. Based on what he saw at the training session, an athlete can make a decision for himself, he needs professional sports or he will only need to maintain a certain degree of physical training at the same level.

The objectives of the training activities are different, there are several of them, they are achieved separately. If you select several incompatible goals, the athlete will not be able to achieve the result. The most popular goal of training is the growth of our body mass . This goal is set by those who wish to build muscle mass due to proper nutrition and active exercise.

When choosing this goal, an athlete is assigned several tasks: giving up bad habits, developing and following diet and daytime, and regular workouts to build muscle mass. This goal can be achieved with the use of special sports nutrition and without it, depending on the physique and the degree of physical health.

There is another goal of training – increasing strength , this goal allows you to achieve an increase in physical endurance athlete. It uses the same basic mode, the training program includes exercises that allow you to achieve increased levels of endurance. A completely different approach is used when the goal of creating a relief body is chosen . Here you need a special diet, strict adherence to the regime and adherence to the individual training program.

Thus, the goals of training can be different:

  1.   muscle building ;
  2.   creation of a relief body ;
  3.   increase in strength .

Why it is impossible to work on several goals at once

It is impossible to work on achieving several goals at once, since this will not allow achieving the desired result. For example, if you choose an increase in muscle mass and the creation of a relief body, then an athlete will perform various exercises on the same workout, the muscle mass may increase due to this, then without special strength exercises he will not be able to make his abdominal press.

Depending on the chosen goal, a training program, a diet, and a number of approaches to performing an exercise are compiled. Pursuing several goals at once, the athlete will train in vain, wasting his strength.

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