What is Bimatoprost or accidental discovery that changed the world

By | October 7, 2018

The basis of modern and effective drugs used for the growth of eyelashes (Kareprost, Latisse, Maxlash, Bimat, Carelash) uses a substance called Bimatoprost.

Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin class fatty acid in its structure. Bimatoprost is harvested from sea corals, or artificially synthesized from natural components, which makes this tool natural and harmless. Prostaglandins are a kind of signaling molecules in the human body that regulate metabolic processes at the cellular level.

Now I would like to highlight the history of the discovery of Bimatoprost, which is so firmly associated today with the means for the growth of eyelashes. For the first time, bimatoprost was isolated in its pure form in the 20s of the last century in America during the testing of new drugs in ophthalmology. Yes, yes, it was in ophthalmology that Bimatoprost was successfully used for a long time precisely as a remedy for the treatment of eye diseases, in particular glaucoma.

It would have been used until now Bimatoprost only in medicine, and lush eyelashes would have been the object of lust and the lot of the elect, if not for his majesty the case. History already knows a few examples of random discoveries that made a real revolution in the minds of consumers and formed a whole class of products that cause 100% consumer confidence and steady demand – for example, the well-known Viagra, which was originally developed as a medicine for the treatment of heart diseases, and has found its use in the treatment of potency or the equally well-known drug Botox, previously known as a drug to relax muscles, and is now widely used to eliminate facial wrinkles.

Here and in the case of Bimatoprost, it turned out quite accidentally that those who regularly used Bimatoprost-based products in the treatment of glaucoma had one interesting general similarity – their eyelashes began to grow amazingly magnificently and beautifully. The company Allegran (by the way, it was this company that discovered the wonderful properties of Botox and is a monopolist in its production) immediately took up the test of bimatoprost as a drug capable of influencing the growth of eyelashes, releasing the Latisse tool. The test results revealed a clear pattern between the growth of eyelashes and the use of the drug Latisse containing Bimatoprost – the eyelashes in the absolute majority of patients who used bimatoprost for 16 weeks became 30% longer, 25% darker and 100% thicker. The results of the study and, most importantly, the fact of the growth of eyelashes and the safety of human health, are officially confirmed by the US FDA Federal Office of Food and Drug Administration.

From this moment begins the real revolution in the cosmetic industry – today there are dozens of products on the market that contain Bimatoprost and promote effective growth of eyelashes. In other words, if Bimatoprost (Latisse, Careprost, Revita Lash, MD Lash Factor, Bimat, Maxlash, Carelash) is contained in the eyelash growth product you can be 100% sure that you will achieve the desired result without harming your health.

Bimatoprost has always been a very expensive substance – today the cost of one gram of bimatoprost is about 2000-2500 thousand US dollars. Therefore, preparations containing Bimatoprost cannot be cheap, for example, the cost of Latisse today is about $ 150, Revita Lash is about $ 170. Latisse is widely advertised in the US – Hollywood stars such as Brooke Shields tell consumers how grateful they are to bimaprost for the irresistible eyelashes that nature has missed to give them.

Of course, beauty requires sacrifices, both emotional and material, but every sensible customer asks herself whether it is possible to buy similar preparations for eyelash growth, containing Bimatoprost, but cheaper than well-known American brands?

India has always been famous for the well-established production of generics, which are widely supplied to world markets for medicines. It should be noted that the sale of generics is prohibited in most countries of Europe and in the USA. Officially – because generics are lower-quality drugs compared to the original drug, informally – because generics, with identical clinical effects, differ significantly in price from the original drugs, which creates unfavorable competition in the pharmaceutical market. In 2008, the Indian company Sun Pharma, the leading leader in the production of Indian generics, synthesized an analogue of Latisse, called Kareprost. It was also based on bimatoprost, which has the same clinical effects as its American progenitor. Today, Kareprost, along with the recognized leader of the market of products for the growth of eyelashes Latisse, is successfully used by millions of girls in hundreds of countries around the world. The drug Kareprost as well as Latisse received approval from the US FDA as a safe means for the growth of eyelashes (by the way, all other eyelash growth products containing Bimatoprost in this approval were denied). Thus, Kareprost, having a composition that is 100% identical to the drug Latisse (Revita Lash, MD Lash Factor), has one distinct advantage – the price, which is different and differs significantly. And if you can not see the difference, why pay more.

In 2010, Kareprost was first imported to Russia. Since 2010, the number of requests for the WordStat system (analyzer of the frequency of using specific requests during the month in the Yandex search engine) for the word “Kareprost” in Yandex has grown from 1,000 to 30,000 requests per month. This, without any comment, reflects the fact that Russians have appreciated Kareprost and are recommending it to their girlfriends, colleagues, odnogruppnitsam, etc. Thus, the credibility of Kareprost grows in Russia, with increasing demand, deliveries from India increase, which leads to a cheaper drug. Today Kareprost in our store you can buy from 800 rubles for one bottle, which is four times less than the cost of Kareprost in 2010, when it just appeared on the Russian market. Currently, the margin on Kareprost is minimal, which in the near future may lead to mass consumption of Kareprost instead of mascara and the complete disappearance of eyelash extensions in the cosmetology market.

Bimatoprost composition

The problem of small eyelashes is not caused by the fact that eyelashes grow poorly.

The real source of the problem is that as new eyelashes grow, old ones fall out. This is a completely natural biological process, but because of it, many women have to suffer. Insufficiently thick eyelashes make their eyes completely expressionless.

Formula Kareprost helps to deal with this problem as follows. Due to the action of bimatoprost, rapid loss of eyelashes stops. Eyelashes continue to grow and reach the required attractive length.

The fact that old eyelashes last a long time does not at all affect the growth of new eyelashes. New eyelashes appear with the same periodicity, only now they grow simultaneously with the old ones, and not instead of them. Due to this, eyelashes acquire the necessary expressiveness and thickness.

Due to regular use of Bimatoprost, the density of eyelashes doubles, and the length increases by 30%.

The action of this drug is based on the properties of the active substance bimatoprost. Bimatoprost is a natural, natural substance that is extracted from the extract of sea corals. But also bimatoprost is included in the composition of human tissues.

When applied, the active substance bimatoprost increases the nutrition of the hair bulb, improving blood circulation and metabolism in the eyelashes. The use of this drug is not an intervention in the body. Safety of use and high efficiency of Bimatoprost is proved by numerous clinical trials. This can be seen by reading the composition of CAREPROST (KAREPROST).

It’s no secret that beautiful long eyelashes can make you more expressive and irresistible. At the moment there are many means promising to give your eyelashes a more lush and attractive look. But only thanks to bimatoprost you can guaranteed to increase their natural look and length. As illustrations, we specifically selected eyelashes before and after using the drug. After all, CAREPROST (KAREPROST) is the best way to grow eyelashes! As you can see after four weeks of application, the eyelashes really became thicker and longer. The result is undeniable.


Each of us dreams of long thick eyelashes, but first you should learn to manage what you have awarded

You do not carefully glue or remove false eyelashes

Lovers of false eyelashes need to remember that improper use can lead to the loss of their own eyelashes. Therefore, be extremely careful when sticking and removing tapes. Also try not to apply too much glue and glue false eyelashes just above the ciliary row.

You curl your eyelashes after applying mascara

A number of bloggers advise to change the order of the procedure and first paint the eyelashes, and only then use tongs. But we are categorically against such innovations. And the reason for this – loss of eyelashes. Do not be surprised if you see a pair of cilia on the forceps.

You incorrectly remove makeup

Strongly rub your eyes to completely wash out the shadows and mascara? Firstly, the skin in this area is very delicate and you can damage it, and secondly, it can lead to loss of eyelashes. We recommend using micellar water for make-up remover and do everything very carefully.

You often touch your eyes

Dermatologists generally prohibit touching the face, so as not to provoke inflammatory processes in the skin. It is equally harmful to touch the eyelashes. And everything is again to blame for the dirt that remains on the fingers after contact with dozens of objects and people for the whole day. It can clog the follicles, and this will prevent the growth of new eyelashes.

You have increased eyelashes with a bad master

Always check the wizard you are going to. Read reviews, watch works, specify what materials he uses, learn more about the salon. But the extended eyelashes are not only the responsibility of the master, but also yours. You have to properly care for them.

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