With the odd well chance to make themselves better

By | October 9, 2019

So, if you have already decided for yourself that this is too good a chance to make yourself better not to use it, – congratulations.

What will be useful to know for a person who has decided to engage in athleticism? Do not even hope that in a month, another or even

in a year you will become like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although this is in principle possible, if you use various anabolic drugs in buckets. Those who do not know are forced to grieve: the overwhelming majority of them are unsafe and can cause disturbances in many physiological functions of the body – from nausea to impotence. Only a few are harmless, but they are usually an order of magnitude more expensive than the rest. I advise you to replace chemicals with natural ones, but more on that in part III of the book.

As I already noted, it is not recommended to start abruptly, otherwise you risk a week and a half to “rest” – muscles that are not used to loads can ache. And to carry out exercises, at the same time feeling pain – only harm the body.

Another thing, if you feel tired of the muscle groups, with kotoroya running DATA day. Personally, I worked out until I wanted to sleep (I went to the gym in the late afternoon) or the muscles refused to work. But each has its own biorhythms – after a while you will find a suitable pace.

This is how I started, and therefore I advise you to start, contrary to the established rules, not from three or four days lessons per week, but daily, but every day, to work out all muscle groups – one or two approaches for each group. So you prepare your muscles much faster. But this is only my own opinion, it was more convenient for me. After two or three weeks (if it is difficult, you can extend the life) go to podnevnoe fitness , ie, for example, on Monday train hands Tuesday – legs, on Wednesday – the chest and so on . At first, I didn’t understand why everyone did this, and every day I did a little bit of everything. But later I began to feel that every day to train one thing – this is the best option.

But this does not mean that it is impossible to combine. For example, when I decided to pump up legs that looked, let’s say, less attractive than everything else, I did exercises for the shoulders and back in one day (and this is not the only case). My day was free – so I was able to perform exercises for the legs twice a week.

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