Wrong exercise technique.

By | October 17, 2019

Well, the final mistake that 99% of beginners have and those who after 5 years of training do not see the result is the wrong technique for performing strength exercises.

This is a very important point. After eating, probably the most important. Because you can squat with the barbell for an arbitrarily long time, but if you do it wrong, then you will get nothing but pain in the lower back and knees.

In each, I repeat, in each exercise you can make such mistakes that you, just like me, will be perplexed for 10 years – and what they do not grow, muscles … it seems to be doing everything right … It seems. .. This is the whole problem! In the word “like”.

Bodybuilding is the science of the little things. After all, as usual, beginners learn to do exercises: from the pictures that they found on the Internet or saw on posters or they were shown by their same “more experienced” friend … And there are first-testers who themselves try to understand how to reap this the bar, from the very first time tuning yourself to the wrong technique …

Yes, now there is a wonderful Youtube site, but there are so many things … both right and wrong …

In this video course, Vovka and I give a step-by-step program for fast muscle pumping without expensive sports supplements and without steroids. In it you will receive the most valuable and useful information about proper nutrition and video tutorials of all the exercises necessary for muscle growth, tested on me and already proven 100% achievement in 2 months!

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