Mildronate (meldonium) in bodybuilding. How to take and dose

Mildronate is a drug that improves metabolism. The drug is successfully used not only in the treatment of diseases of internal organs, but also in bodybuilding.

Despite the fact that the drug is doping, it is used to increase the endurance of athletes and improve their professional results.

Description of the preparation

Mildronate is a non-steroidal drug that is used to treat pathologies in the field of cardiology and ophthalmology.

The medicine improves metabolism in the body, improves the supply of tissues with energy. Mildronate is sold in pharmacies with prescription leave.

The drug restores normal functioning of cells after oxygen starvation and with insufficient blood supply. A medicament is available in capsules, syrup solution, injection solution and tablets.

Indications for use

In sports, the medicine is prescribed to effectively restore the muscles after the injuries received, during the postoperative period or during rehabilitation, in a state of overtraining, and also to increase resistance to stresses in sports competitions.

The tool can improve attention and memory, make positive changes in the physical form. Another indication is increased fatigue, weakness after loads that are physical or mental.

Mildronate is taken with diseases of the heart and blood vessels, impaired blood circulation, fatigue of a chronic or temporary nature, muscle overstrain, alcoholism in the chronic stage, asthmatic conditions and pathologies in the field of ophthalmology.

The following is the action of mildronate in bodybuilding:

  • Obstruction of accumulation in the cell area of ​​active forms of fatty acids of a non-oxidized type.
  • Normalizes the equilibrium of oxygen supply to cellular tissues and oxygen consumption by cells.
  • Activation of glycolysis, which passes without increased use of oxygen.
  • Improved nutrition of muscle tissue.
  • Reducing fatigue and increasing the effectiveness of sports activities.
  • Protection of the heart muscle, increased myocardial contractility.

Contraindications for use

The application of the tool has the following limitations:

  • Pathologies of the kidneys and liver.
  • Damage in the central nervous system.
  • Intracranial type of tumor.
  • Increased intracranial pressure.
  • The minor age.
  • Period of gestation and breastfeeding.
  • Hypersensitivity to the active substance of the drug.
  • With caution should take mildronate in the presence of tachycardia (a means to slightly increase the heartbeat).

How to take meldonium

The drug is taken daily, the order of application is determined by the treating specialist. During therapy, the patient should feel a surge of energy, vivacity, his state of health changes for the better.

If you notice a pain in the head, palpitations, a general feeling of weakness, allergic reactions after taking the drug, stop taking the pills immediately and see a doctor: he will change the dose or prescribe another medicine.

The drug is carefully combined with medications that lower blood pressure and dilate blood vessels. Do not take mildronate simultaneously with nitroglycerin and other medications with a similar effect.

Tablets, capsules or syrup should be taken thirty minutes before meals, in the morning or lunch time. If repeated use is necessary, the last appointment should be no later than five o'clock in the evening, otherwise there may be an overexcitement of the nervous system and problems with sleep.


Dosage is calculated in accordance with the weight category of the athlete. The solution can be administered both intravenously and intramuscularly. The agent released in capsules or as a syrup is taken orally.

For athletes, 15-20 mg of active ingredient per 1 kg of body weight is sufficient. The remedy is taken one hour before the start of the workout. The duration of the course varies from 45 to 90 days. After that, you need to take a break in 30 days.

Pay attention: if the bodybuilder will take the drug constantly, his body will quickly get used to it, in view of which the therapeutic effect will decrease. Since 2016, Mildronate is banned and equated to doping agents!

That is why it is prohibited to use it in sports competitions under the threat of disqualification. At the moment, several well-known athletes have already been removed from the competition for using this medication.

Meldonium in bodybuilding helps athletes who live in an unfavorable climate, with heavily polluted air and a small amount of oxygen in it.

As a result of its reception at high physical loads, cells do not experience oxygen deficiency, so the bodybuilder can be engaged even in extreme conditions.

Storage of the drug

Amulets with solution, tablets and capsules should be stored in a dry place, the maximum temperature regime - 25 degrees (most convenient to do it in the refrigerator). Please note: it is impossible to freeze ampoules!

The drug is stored in a place that is not accessible to children.

Thus, Mildronate is a medicament used in cardiology and ophthalmology. The drug is used in bodybuilding to improve physical endurance and prevent oxygen starvation.