How does mildronate affect potency?

In the western and domestic market, mildronate or meldonium, are a very common drug that acts as a stimulant and has a powerful effect on the muscles of the body. Mildronate and potency are two inseparable concepts, as this remedy is particularly popular among men who want to increase their endurance during intercourse.

It is proved that mildronate can positively affect the sexual functions of the body, however, the drug has such a disadvantage as quick addiction. Unfortunately, this can not only affect the potency negatively, but also negatively affect the general condition of the body.

In this article we will try to answer the most common questions of users, in particular, how Mildronate affects the potency of men, how safe the drug is and how the medication is used.

Features of the drug

The composition of the drug "Mildronate" includes an active chemical substance called Meldonium. This component allows you to return the man sexual power, however, before taking the medicine, it is important to find out what the effect of mildronate on the potency and the general condition of the body. This need is due, first of all, to the fact that impotence is peculiar to men of different age groups and, unfortunately, not every man has good health.

The use of mildronate to solve such a problem is considered one of the most common options. Initially, the drug manufacturers did not count on its popularity, and the main purpose of the drug was to maintain the body in athletes during particularly hard training. Moreover, the direct effect of meldonia on male potency was initially not proven.

In fact, the drug in its composition belongs to the cardiological group of drugs. Under the influence of the drug, the heart begins to work hard, thereby increasing the rate of circulation. As a "side effect" you can observe the reaction of the penis of a man. The whole point is that the blood flows to the male sexual organ and leads him into a state of erection. This is the advantage of Mildronate in the treatment of impotence in men.

How does mildronate affect potency?

Men who use mildronate as a drug to improve sex and increase potency, believe that the drug is very effective and gives a guaranteed result. Moreover, some researchers argue that the synthetic component that is part of the drug has a positive effect on the body of a man and allows you to quickly reach a powerful orgasm. What is special about this tool?

The thing is that the meldon, first of all, stimulates the metabolism of the athlete. It is accelerated metabolism is an indispensable condition for achieving success in sports.

After taking the drug, the cleavage of fatty acid is significantly slowed down, and all cells of the body begin to actively saturate with oxygen. It is this influence caused by the appearance of increased potency in men.

As a result of the impact of meldonia, carbohydrate processing is also accelerating, and they very quickly turn into energy that is required by a man in bed. Despite the problem situation in the field of sports and the recognition of meldonia doping drug, men who have problems with potency have no complaints.

Rules for taking the drug

Men who are going to use the drug to combat impotence, you should know that all the ingredients that make up the drug are quick-assimilable and reach the highest concentration in the patient's body within one hour.

After reaching this mark, within 10-12 hours after receiving the composition, all components are removed from the human body. This property of the drug suggests that the potency increases temporarily, and mildronate has a therapeutic effect. Moreover, the drug does not accumulate in the body, and hence the concentration of the substance that affects the flow of blood to the genitals is insufficient to obtain a stable effect.

Possible contraindications

Even taking into account the receipt of such a unique effect, as a solution to the problem of sexual impotence in men, meldonia are characterized by negative indicators, which adversely affect the general condition of the body. The most significant deviations in the administration of the drug were: significant changes in the heart rhythm of a man, and manifestations of allergic reactions in an insignificant form.

Somewhat later, violations such as insomnia or poor sleep patterns, increased levels of excitability, and metabolic disorders were found.

Metabolic disorders are especially dangerous for women who are in a position or are breastfeeding a baby. The thing is that the substance can penetrate into the baby's body while the baby is still in the womb or through milk, during breastfeeding. If a child develops a metabolic disorder, it will not be easy to fix the situation.

For the correct reception and expediency of using such a drug as mildronate, to get rid of impotence, you should visit an experienced specialist who can explain the mechanism of exposure of the active substance to the human body and warn about possible consequences.


Mildronate is a special drug that stimulates the metabolism in general and accelerates blood circulation in particular. Thanks to this effect, the man's blood flows to the genitals, and he comes to a state of erection. Unfortunately, the use of Mildronate does not have a lasting effect, and for certain groups of users it is harmful and even dangerous. To exclude further problems, do not use the drug without consulting an experienced specialist.