Meldonium is justified!

Scientists have proved that the prohibited WADA drug is not doping. So, the accusation of Russian and Belarusian athletes was hasty. This was told by the head of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency Vladimir Uiba.


Doping dances around Russia, the end is not visible. It started all year ago. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has blacklisted the harmless heart drug meldonium.

The story came with a subtext. Meldonium was developed in Soviet times in Latvia. Apply it mainly to the countries of the former USSR. There are also Western analogues, but for some reason they did not lose their legal status.

The first victim was a Russian tennis player with Belarusian roots Maria Sharapova. After it, caught a few dozen athletes. Then the officials demanded not to let Russia go to the Olympics in Rio. After a humiliating hassle, the main team still went, trimmed by a third. The Paralympic team did not reach Rio. Belarusians also got it. Under the "meldonievym sauce" on the Games were not allowed, for example, the leading Belarusian oarsmen, led by the Olympic champions of London 2012 by the brothers Bogdanovichi and Roman Petrushenko.


- It would seem: they are guilty, it means, it is right. It just turned out that they banned meldoniy without even knowing how he works.

- As a doctor and a scientist, I declare responsibly: this drug has no relation to doping. The introduction of it into the category of banned is the artificial invention of WADA, "said Vladimir Uiba, head of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency, in charge of Russian sports medicine. - We conducted research on meldonia, selected volunteers, who took it every day for a whole month. Pre-signed an agreement with WADA for research. Otherwise, any of our conclusions would not have any weight for them. Before us, no one densely dug this topic. The results are sensational.

- What is the discovery?

- WADA, if you remember, before you banned the drug, declared a three-month moratorium. According to their assumptions, taken, by the way, it is unclear from where, from the athletes' organisms, he had to disappear and leave no traces three months after the last reception. But our practical tests have not left stone on stone on these theoretical calculations. In analyzes of volunteers, even after six months, the drug was easily detected. Although they took him only a month, and athletes - for years.

- That is, athletes should be rehabilitated?

- A meeting with the medical department of WADA will be held soon. Let us report our findings. We want to ensure that the moratorium for athletes who used meldon before it was banned was increased to several years. And it is better to get him out of the list of forbidden things. It does not fall under any prohibited position of the Anti-Doping Agency Code. A useful drug that protects the heart cell from overexertion. No doping.


"Perhaps, after that, they will reduce their forbidding ardor?"

- On the contrary, WADA insists that the list will only expand. They are going to ban caffeine. He already stands on the waiting list. And it is possible that this year he will be declared a non-grat.

We conduct researches of each candidate in the black list, and this is an expensive pleasure. Only one million rubles spent eighty million rubles. In general, an interesting prospect turns out - WADA will be on a dozen drugs annually put in a sheet, and we have to spread a billion rubles only to prove that we are not camels.

"There are more than 1,000 names on the blacklist."

- I can agree that hormones or narcotic drugs are forbidden. This is logical. But when the same caffeine is suspected - it's in my head does not fit. After all, everything that contains caffeine will be automatically banned. Not only coffee, but also, for example, drinks of famous manufacturers. Even with the International Olympic Committee, WADA solutions are already raising questions. But for now everything remains as it is. In the history of meldon, we are determined - we will try to remove the shadow from our athletes.