The appointment of any means of Traditional Medicine by persons unaware of medicine without medical examination is unacceptable. You can not use traditional medicine recipes without consulting a doctor, in the acute period of the disease and without finding out the exact diagnosis of the patient !!! The most gentle method of treating uterine fibroids is the use of herbal… Read More »


Homeopathy (from the Greek. Homoios – similar and pathos – suffering, illness) is a method of drug treatment of diseases, which consists in the use of minimal doses of those substances that in large doses cause symptoms in the body of a healthy person, similar to the symptoms of this disease. The founder of this treatment system,… Read More »


Arthritis is an inflammatory disease of the joint. Arthritis is characterized by pain in the joint, especially during movements, often there are restrictions on its mobility, swelling, change in shape and shape ( deformation of the joint ). In some cases, a serous, purulent, or bloody fluid ( effusion ) is found in the joint cavity . The skin over the joint… Read More »


Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic systemic inflammatory disease of the connective tissue of autoimmune origin, in which a group of joints is affected by the type of erosive-destructive progressive polyarthritis. As a rule, several symmetrical joints are affected at once. Joints of the hands, feet, wrist, knee, intervertebral joints of the neck become inflamed Arthritis develops, leading to joint deformity and… Read More »

Brucellosis arthritis

It is one of the frequent manifestations of brucellosis infection. Symptoms Usually there is swelling of the joints due to exudative processes, an increase in local temperature. When the joint is infected with brucella, the process progresses rapidly, gross destruction of bone tissue occurs with the development of joint ankylosis. The synovial fluid has a serous-purulent appearance and contains brucella. With the toxic-allergic form… Read More »


Vitamins are widely used in the prevention and treatment of a number of diseases. For the normal functioning of the whole organism, the presence of vitamins is necessary. Their lack or overabundance can lead to disruptions in the functioning of organs and systems, and cause various diseases. We get a certain amount of vitamins from food. But with malnutrition… Read More »

Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)

It belongs to the group of water-soluble vitamins. Got the name “thiamine” due to the presence of sulfur in its molecule. It is a coenzyme of cocarboxylase, necessary for the activation of redox processes in the body. It plays a large role in carbohydrate metabolism, affects the functions of the cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine and nervous systems. The lack of… Read More »

Vitamin B5 (Calcii pantotthenas). Calcium Pantheon

Contained in yeast, liver, egg yolk, peas, legumes, grains. Included in a number of coenzymes, it provides acetylcholine synthesis, ascorbic acid metabolism, has a detoxifying effect, activates redox processes in the body, stimulates the production of adrenal hormones in the body, which makes it a powerful tool for the treatment of arthritis, colitis, allergies and… Read More »

Folic acid (Acidum folicum).  

Vitamin B9. It is an integral part of B vitamins. It stimulates erythropoiesis, participates in the synthesis of amino acids (methionine, serine), nucleic acids, purines, pyrimidines and in the exchange of choline. It is an integral part of group B vitamins. Indications for use. Megaloblastic anemia in pregnant women, preparation for pregnancy, alimentary and other anemia, spru, psoriasis, radiation… Read More »

Vitamin B15 (Calcii panganat). Calcium Pangamate

It increases the absorption of oxygen by tissues, eliminates the effects of hypoxia, improves fat and carbohydrate metabolism, participates in oxidative processes, and has a lipotropic effect. Pangamic acid activates the exchange of oxygen in tissue cells, stimulates the adrenal glands, helps restore liver tissue, has anti-inflammatory, anti-hyaluronidase properties. Protects the liver from the damaging effects of… Read More »