Muscle growth

Muscle growth Bright minds are still struggling with the problem of developing the mechanism of muscle growth. The search for the conditions of their growth, the study of the factors that interact and lead to this process, hormones, genes and much more is included in the range of scientific interests. They also conduct studies of… Read More »

The most effective exercises for calves

The most effective exercises for calves Rises on socks standing. The calf muscles are involved. Standing on the edge of the platform with a height of no more than 5-8 cm, the maximum rise on the toes and fall. In this exercise can be performed in the simulator, and with free weights. Try to avoid… Read More »

How to pump caviar

How to pump caviar Beautifully designed calf muscles to a considerable extent contribute to an aesthetically attractive appearance of an athlete. And on the contrary – underdeveloped calves with “swollen” thigh muscles only disfigure the appearance of an athlete. However, caviar is traditionally the most unloved muscle group by almost all athletes. And the thing… Read More »

Isometric exercise outside the hall

Isometric exercise outside the hall A pleasant distinguishing feature of this group of exercises is the fact that the presence of visits to the gym does not affect the ability to practice. In order to keep muscles in shape and work on their strength, isometric exercises can be performed in any convenient place (in transport,… Read More »

Isothermal exercises

Isothermal exercises The popularity of isometric exercises is easily explained by their effectiveness. The essence of this direction is that the pumped muscle group for a short time (about 6-12 seconds) is subjected to maximum effort to counter the resistance of an object. The benefits of isometric exercise The effectiveness of isometric exercises is the… Read More »

Fat burners

Fat burners Fat burners are special drugs that are designed to accelerate the reduction of fat reserves when drying the body or losing weight. Together with the elimination of subcutaneous fat, it is possible to make the muscles more prominent, to get more concentration in training. This sports supplement acts by stimulating the metabolism, which,… Read More »

Bench press reverse grip

Bench press reverse grip Bench press reverse grip was coined, oddly enough, long before the bench press on an inclined bench. And it was used to “blow up” the upper part of the chest. However, a detailed analysis revealed the additional benefits of this exercise: study of the upper pectoral muscles. Usually, a bench press… Read More »

Bench press lying on a bench with a slope up

Bench press on the bench is the work of the pectoral muscles, triceps and muscles of the shoulder girdle. There are three types of such a press, they depend on the position of the bench. If the bench is tilted upwards, this means that massiveness of the upper and middle part of the pectoral muscles… Read More »

Bench press sitting on a Hammer simulator

Under the name of the bench sitting on the simulator, two bench press movements are known – for the development of the deltoid muscles and for the muscles. Both of them are similar in mechanics and degree of isolation of muscles, but in different types of muscle groups. Basic exercises For the press on the… Read More »