Arnold’s wrestling

Quite right: this press carries the name of the most legendary bodybuilder – Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, not the fact that he invented it. Most likely, it is not so. However, it seems that he “lit up” in front of the journalists’ chambers exactly during the performance of this press – that’s the name and was… Read More »

Press on the exercise machine lying

One of the basic exercises with a burden – a bench press on a simulator lying – is an analogue of a barbell press. However, it is considered a load with a closed kinetic chain, and the use of the simulator makes the exercise process safer. The bench press in the Hummer is suitable even… Read More »

What is Bimatoprost or accidental discovery that changed the world

The basis of modern and effective drugs used for the growth of eyelashes (Kareprost, Latisse, Maxlash, Bimat, Carelash) uses a substance called Bimatoprost. Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin class fatty acid in its structure. Bimatoprost is harvested from sea corals, or artificially synthesized from natural components, which makes this tool natural and harmless. Prostaglandins are a… Read More »

Two-phase (two-stage) twisting

The force of inertia and hand assistance are often the reasons why twisting does not bring the desired result. Two-phase twisting makes it possible to exclude the possibility that the exercise will be performed with the help of inertia force. Two-stage twisting: description This exercise can be described as an auxiliary program, which, by overcoming… Read More »

Horizontal pull-ups

Pulling in a crossfit is a very popular exercise, because it can be performed wherever there is a crossbar. It has an excellent effect on many muscle groups. In the crossfit, the functionality of the whole organism is important, so this type of exercise has gained popularity among athletes. Horizontal pull-ups are an exercise performed… Read More »


The very word “hyperextension” has a translation from English “hyperextension, recrossing”. In Russian, it is still preserved – in the field of bodybuilding and sports in general. Usually this exercise is performed on a special simulator, but with a certain imagination, you can adapt almost anything for hyperextensions. In fact, this exercise has a remarkable… Read More »


It’s just so difficult to guess where the name of this kind of squats came from. However, his “author” is a Russian athlete Georg Gakkenshmidt. Exercise can be performed both with free weight, and in a special gaque machine. Accordingly, in the second case, work is more isolated, but part of the load is distributed… Read More »

Straightening the legs with the ball lying down

Video: leg extension with fitball Usually straightening the legs with the ball lying down is used to strengthen the muscles of the front surface of the thigh and stabilize the body muscles. It is most often used in fitness training, in power – limited, and only for beginners. Purpose of the exercise Exercise is mainly… Read More »


Wir alle wissen, wie sehr das Ergebnis von der Geschwindigkeit der Übungen abhängt. Die unterschiedliche Besuchsgeschwindigkeit beeinflusst das Ergebnis Ihrer Arbeit. Es gibt drei Arten von Kraftbewegungen: Positiv (sorgt für ein langsames Heben von Gütern). Negativ (bewirkt ein langsameres Absenken als Heben). Statisch (liefert eine Gewichtsverzögerung). Es gibt verschiedene Arten von Tempo für Übungen: Schnell… Read More »

Arten von Proteinen

Welcher Prozess ist besser? Proteinvergleich Protein – das Hauptelement in der Struktur der Muskeln. Die Popularität von Protein in der Welt der Bodybuilding-Athleten gewinnt an Popularität. Unter allen existierenden Nahrungsmitteln ist Protein das meiste Protein. Die Proteinernährung ermöglicht es dem Sportler, die gewünschte Muskelmasse zu erreichen und die gewünschten Ergebnisse zu erzielen. Proteine ​​sind die… Read More »