Natural Sources of Protein

Most protein is found in animal products – meat, eggs, milk, fish, seafood. Also, a significant part is in some types of products of plant origin – cereals, grains, such as beans, soybeans, lentils, etc. The bodybuilder’s daily diet should include all these products in their optimal ratio. Protein is a sports supplement and cannot… Read More »


Protein is a dietary supplement, the name of which is translated from English as “protein”. The biology textbook says that life is a form of the existence of protein bodies. For normal human life, eating food that contains protein is a necessity. With a long absence in the diet of protein foods, the human body… Read More »

100 push ups program

The program called “100 push-ups” is a set of training to achieve a result of a hundred push-ups in one approach with a minimum level of athlete’s initial training. Such a program is necessary for the smooth inclusion of a person in classes without receiving damage to the muscle tissue, which often discourages the desire… Read More »

Squatting for girls

The world of fitness is divided into three unequal parts. The first believe that squatting with a barbell for girls is necessary, if there are no contraindications to it as a musculoskeletal system. Women differ from men only in the center of gravity, in the sense of squat biomechanics. And they differ to the advantageous… Read More »


Squatting is a natural human movement. It is a simultaneous flexion of the knee and hip joint, usually with the pelvis lowering below the level of the knees. Used in almost all sports, and in fitness fitness. The purpose of the exercise and working muscles Squatting is an exercise of complex effects on the body:… Read More »


The purpose of pre-exhaustion is to load the target muscle with the help of an isolating exercise, and after that you need to quickly go to the execution of the base. If you look from a theoretical point of view, the idea is not bad, but almost always fails. The maximum effect is achieved if… Read More »

The reasons for the lack of muscle growth

Heredity. It is your genes predetermined and the rate of metabolic processes, and muscle growth, and even weight. Developing the right principles for building a training course will not help you gain growth if a geneticist is installed that does not allow it. At this stage in the development of science, it has not yet… Read More »

Why do not grow muscle (muscle mass)?

A few months of grueling workouts do not give results? A reasonable question arises: why there is no increase in muscle mass. In most cases, this can be explained by excessive expectations from two-, three-month training. During this time, gain a few pounds of muscle, remove fat and get the desired relief is impossible. No,… Read More »

Lifting (bending hands) rod reverse grip

This exercise is essential for increasing biceps muscle mass. During the lifting of the barbell for the biceps involved shoulder-beam muscles of the forearm. Lifting a barbell for biceps is one of the most popular exercises among athletes. Any training program necessarily includes this exercise to build strength and volume of the biceps muscle. In… Read More »

Raising the lower block for biceps

Biceps exercises performed on the lower block are not basic and are usually used as an addition to the training complex for an isolated load on the biceps muscle. This exercise is done at the end of the workout for the final blockage of muscles and pumping blood into them. It also helps to stretch… Read More »