Frequency of classes How often do you need to play sports to get rid of stress and cheer up? Morning exercises and yoga can be done every day. The same applies to walking. If training requires loads (aerobics, gym, running, swimming, etc.) – two to three times a week, give training 30-60 minutes. Because the body needs rest, you do not… Read More »

The benefits of charging for the body

If you do exercises in the morning, this will help not only lose weight, but also strengthen your health. Simple exercises invigorate, energize for the whole day. How regular physical education affects our body: Blood circulation in all tissues improves. They get more oxygen. This is especially important for the brain. Charging increases concentration, mental processes. After getting up… Read More »

10 main

Sooner or later, this day comes for everyone: you go to the mirror, look at your reflection and understand that this is impossible next. Excess weight or vice versa, skinny arms and legs, shortness of breath and weakness – with all this, something urgently needs to be done. And here a gym or a fitness club comes… Read More »

Hips and legs

To deer the joint is driven by the thigh muscles , as well as GOVERNMENTAL muscles of the lower leg. In general, muscle thighs, responsible for the movement of the knee joint, divided into two groups. The quadriceps muscle of the thigh, when appropriate to the front group, has four heads: rectus femur, the intermediate broad muscle of the thigh, the lateral broad muscle of the thigh and the medial broad muscle of the thigh. These are the main muscles that extend the leg at the knee. Biceps muscle of the thigh, semimembranous… Read More »

Lower legs and feet

A Vision of the foot and toes are made at the expense of muscle shin. Triceps muscle consists of ikronozhnoi and kambalavidnoi muscles having general sous hozhilie (heel or Achilles). Triceps and plantaris muscles, referring schiesya to the rear group of muscles tibia bent leg at the ankle joint (lowered foot down). In this movement involved the popliteal muscle, posterior tibial muscle, as well as dlinnyi flexor digitorum and dlinnyi fold Tel thumb by which carried out more and the movement of the toes. The long fibular muscle, the short fibular muscle and the third fibular muscle are located in the outer ̆ part of… Read More »

Mid-term fasting

Under the average period for fasting is understood from one and a half to two weeks, sometimes we also mean fasting after an acidotic crisis. Every day of fasting after a crisis, the body is cleaned and restored, but you can afford to fast for so long only with proper preparation. Anyone who decides to fast for… Read More »

Hunger for good, effective fasting techniques

What types of fasting are used to lose weight and improve the body? Enumeration of the most common descriptive techniques. How to starve wisely so as not to harm your health. One of the popular methods of alternative medicine is therapeutic fasting. The name of the technique speaks for itself, it is a rejection of food, sometimes even… Read More »

Shorts and T-shirt.

Still, they dress in the hall like that, aren’t they? All, but not those who know what clothes help muscle growth, and not for beauty or convenience. I explain: it is necessary to engage in sweatpants and a sweater, also athletic, of course. So it will be hot – you say, and you will be right. It’s hot… Read More »

Scheme of classes: 4 sets of 8 repetitions.

A very big mistake of many beginners and inexperienced jocks. For some reason, everywhere on the Internet it is written about the fact that in order for the muscles to grow, it is necessary to do exactly 8 repetitions. Well, I did just that, and I saw others doing 8 reps too. I don’t know how others do,… Read More »