Cheat sheet for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Good health, friends! I will not scatter for a long time about the benefits of weekly planning, because this is a key topic in all fashionable books on time management and self-improvement. One thing I can say for sure – it works. Therefore, for quite a long time, I have been haunted by the desire to create an… Read More »

Taking care of your health turned out to be harmful to the environment

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have calculated that eating US Department of Health recommended foods – fruits, vegetables, dairy products and seafood – leads to increased environmental damage. On average, in terms of calories consumed, these foods require more resources to grow or harvest, and result in higher greenhouse gas emissions than, for example, meat or bacon. “Eating lettuce… Read More »

Scientists build statistics on teen alcohol consumption via Instagram

Teens voluntarily documenting their personal lives with the help of photos on Instagram became unwitting participants in an experiment to study alcohol habits. Researchers at the University of Rochester have found it much easier to research alcohol addiction, brand popularity and other details, using learning algorithms and social media. Using neural networks and computer image recognition technologies, researchers… Read More »

Elon Musk told why he does not want to engage in genetic engineering

During a rather long and detailed interview with Elon Musk, which he gave to Business Insider journalist Tim Urban, among other questions, the following question was asked: is there a possibility that the owner of such innovative companies as SpaceX and Tesla will turn his attention to genetic engineering issues? After all, human health, biotechnology, genetic modification are… Read More »

The gynecologist left the phone in the patient’s stomach

A gynecologist from Jordan accidentally left his phone in the patient’s stomach during a caesarean section. This is not a rare case: in the United States alone, surgeons leave 10,000 objects in the bodies of patients a year, most often instruments and tampons. A 36-year-old Jordanian citizen visited a private clinic on April 24, 2015 , where she safely… Read More »

Korea tests MERS treatment with convalescent plasma

In June 2015, the MERS coronavirus claimed the lives of twenty people in South Korea, more than one hundred and sixty people were infected, and five and a half thousand patients, their relatives and employees of medical institutions are under quarantine. The World Health Organization has held an emergency meeting. In Germany, a 69-year-old man, who arrived from the United Arab… Read More »