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Raising the body from a prone position

Raising the body from a prone position is classified as additional. This is an isolated traction occupation of an open circuit, which involves the work of an athlete with only his own body weight. To perform it, an initial level of training is required at a minimum, which does not exclude the inclusion of a… Read More »

Break in training

In sports science, it is considered that a long break in training leads to the so-called fatigue. The adaptive capacity of the body is reduced, and the person is faced with the problems of loss of strength and endurance indicators, returning to training again. It is possible to avoid loss of fitness with the help… Read More »

Food after exercise

The goal of bodybuilding is muscle hypertrophy, which is based on anabolic processes. Anabolism is the process of restoring, strengthening and growing the muscle fibers of an athlete after hard training. However, anabolism is not always the dominant process in the body of an athlete. During heavy training, when the muscle fibers are destroyed under… Read More »

Viagra in bodybuilding

Pamping is a concept in strength training that is characterized by a feeling of bursting in a muscle after performing a treadmill in an exercise. This feeling is associated with an increase in muscle due to blood flow and, as a result, tissue swelling. There are several types of pumping: Cosmetic pumping is achieved immediately… Read More »

Push-ups for girls

Push-ups for girls: technology Despite the prevalence of this exercise, it is related to a high level of complexity. There is no reason for the girls to immediately achieve high results if they take to perform first exactly push-ups. In order to exercise correctly, the body must be able to stabilize. And for this, corset… Read More »

How to do push-ups

Push ups Exercise “Push-up” is familiar to many from childhood. Everyone at school had such a standard, but push-ups are very diverse and are considered very effective for creating muscle relief. Push-ups are extremely exhausting, so in many progressive armies of the world they are considered mandatory in the daily training process. This exercise can… Read More »

Effective pushups for arms and shoulders

Push-ups are well trained hands, they make beautiful shoulders, but such exercises alone will not be enough, since the classical technique is designed to a greater extent on the muscles of the chest. In order to work better with hands, it is necessary to take weighting, for example, dumbbells. Using dumbbells, you need to perform… Read More »