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Meals and Paleo -dieta in CrossFit

To achieve results in a crossfit, exercise alone is not enough, you need to organize proper nutrition for yourself. If it does not, then your body will not be able to build muscle mass and generally show any positive results. Nutrition in CrossFit is a whole science that not everyone can always grasp. Diets, on which many bodybuilders and fitness supporters sit,… Read More »

Split programs for strength and relief

The development of power indicators requires training of the nervous system, due to the fact that after intensive loads it takes a lot of time to recover, the split system to achieve this goal provides more time for rest, which is aimed at restoring the body’s strength. This system of training is characterized by the fact… Read More »

Split training program

At each workout, the athlete works out a separate group of muscles several times, performing several repetitions of various exercises. The frequency of repetitions and the need to work out a particular muscle group depends on the chosen goal. Depending on the goal, the athlete is working on a specific muscle group. What is a split system… Read More »

The contraction of the transverse abdominal muscles

To create a relief and beautiful flat stomach it is very important to train the abdominal muscles. Its beautiful shape depends not only on the abdominal muscles alone, but also on the transverse muscles of the abdomen. This is one of the main types of muscles, which takes part in the formation of body mass and the creation of correct… Read More »

Burning (exercise technique)

Burning training is a high-intensity bodybuilding performance. The basis of his goal – to load the muscle to failure with the exercise. The principle of building workouts is based on initially performing the exercise in a normal, habitual mode, and at the moment when fatigue begins to be felt, movements are carried out quickly and briefly. Outwardly, it… Read More »

Arm bending with barbell

Bending arms with a barbell is one of the most popular bodybuilding exercises that can be performed in a standing position, sitting or leaning with an emphasis on the bench. This load is recommended to introduce both beginners and already experienced athletes. With proper performance, nutrition and timely training, it will immediately lead you to the desired… Read More »

Bending the arms with dumbbells sitting

Bending your arms with dumbbells while sitting is a key fitness exercise that helps build muscle mass and aesthetic form of biceps. This simple load can be performed by both a novice specialist and an already experienced professional. Doing this exercise, you can work with one hand or two at the same time, use different weight and techniques. There… Read More »