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It is unlikely that you will be able to, and even want to eat the same way as the famous athlete Rich Piana – he eats 12 (!) Once a day. Yes, this is not necessary at all. As I said earlier, each ̆ organism has its own characteristics. In matters of nutrition, as in principle and in the rest, concerning… Read More »


Participating in the metabolic process, interfere with hypothermia, support and protect some internal organs. Their sources are known to everyone: oil (both vegetable – sunflower, olive, and animal – cream, margarine), lard, lard, and the same nuts . CARBOHYDRATES Decaying, they give energy to the body. They are absorbed easily and quickly, and this is their dignity. With a lack of carbohydrates,… Read More »

Regarding strong drinks

You yourself understand that excessive libations will not bring anything good. The body is dehydrated and you lose muscle weight (muscle tissue, like most other human tissues ̆ contains significant ̆ percent of water) However, many have heard or read about the benefits of beer. This is a fairly high- calorie ̆ drink, and in addition, it contains many useful substances. Therefore, a… Read More »

M yslennye class

Well, first of all, it will not hurt you to take a picture. E SLE not at full height, then at least to the waist. After two to three months of training, take another shot. Compare. How? The changes will be more noticeable than when looking in the mirror – you can forget what the “before” were. Obvious differences will give you confidence in the… Read More »

Why exercise during pregnancy is beneficial

It is proved that sports during pregnancy do not harm a woman and a child (if there are no contraindications for playing sports), but on the contrary, provide a number of advantages for mother and baby: a decrease in the likelihood of developing gestational diabetes mellitus (if diabetes develops, then the level of glucose is… Read More »

Thrust rod to the chin standing

it   isolated , anaerobic, polyarticular strength exercise. Designed for targeted study of the middle deltoid muscles, the selection of the boundary between the front and middle deltas. It is recommended to maintain the shape of handball players, volleyball players, weightlifters, gymnasts. It is easily combined in supersets with other isolated and one-joint exercises. May be included in the split program… Read More »

Thrust of the lower block to the chest (chin) standing

By standing up to a chest block is meant several exercises. One of them is for the average bundle of the deltoid muscles, the other is for the latissimus dorsi. Usually terminological inaccuracy is eliminated by pointing to the muscle group that the athlete is going to work out in an exercise. Purpose of the exercise The… Read More »

Traction dumbbell lying on his stomach

Some exercises are aimed at training a small group of muscles, which allows you to make and very effective. To such exercises can be attributed to the dumbbell, while in the prone position. Traction dumbbell lying on his stomach: what muscles work? Dumbbell dumbbell in the supine position is another ideal exercise that allows for pinpoint… Read More »