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Morning does not start with coffee: a review of popular brain stimulants

The human brain is losing the war against the growing amount of information it has to process. Neuroscientists argue that the human brain is very outdated, and attention is gradually becoming our most valuable resource. And rare too – reading books turns into a task that requires concentration that is almost unbearable in the age of Twitter and BuzzFeed . But nature and scientists have presented people… Read More »

Amphetamine , cocaine, meth (other stimulants).

White powder in the form of flour or crystals. Most commonly taken by inhalation through the nose. They have a long-term stimulating effect on humans. The following signs indicate the use of drugs in this group: Cheerfulness; Lack of sleep and fatigue; Haste, quick speech; Increased sex drive; Dilated pupils; Cardiopalmus; Dry mouth. After the amphetamine ends , severe depression begins,… Read More »

Salt (in jargon: crystals, speed, SC).

Another type of synthetic drug. Has a stimulating effect. It is consumed by smoking, inhalation through the nose, intravenously, added to drinks. The following attributes may indicate the use of salts : syringes, foil, rolled bills, broken light bulbs, a large number of lighters, all kinds of tubes. There are already many known cases when girls in clubs are poured this drug… Read More »

Marijuana, hashish, hemp (other cannabinoids )

Cannabis-derived drugs are used by smoking. The following attributes are used: cigarettes, mouthpieces, pipes, cans (crumpled with holes made) and plastic bottles. It is mistakenly considered a “light” type of drug. Often serves as a springboard for the start of the use of more serious synthetic drugs. Typical signs of drug exposure: Feeling of lightness, euphoria; Increased sensitivity of… Read More »

Physical perfection

The striving for the ideal is inherent in man by nature. This is the basis of the next concept of education – physical perfection. The formation of the ideal of physical development and fitness took place historically, in accordance with the requirements of life that had developed at a certain point in time. For physical perfection –… Read More »

Physical education as part of physical education

Throughout life, human activities should be aimed at physically developing, improving their physical activity, strengthening health and adhering to a healthy lifestyle. All of this can be achieved through physical education, development, preparation and excellence. All of the above processes are part of physical education. The main goal of this area of ​​social activity is to strengthen health… Read More »

Principles of Physical Education

In the process of achieving this goal, most teachers adhere to the following general provisions of the system: Harmonious and comprehensive personal development. Throughout his life, a person should strive to achieve harmony. Moreover, both in spiritual and physical development. Development of the connection between physical education and life practice. This principle can be viewed from two aspects. On… Read More »

Physical education: definition, concepts, purpose, objectives

For the harmonious development of a child, three components are needed: physical development, cultural and spiritual development. To be healthy and calmly perceive any flow of energy, a person must be strong and resilient. Without a doubt, all three components are interconnected and the development of each of them should occur evenly and not to the detriment… Read More »