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Avatar diagnosis: 9 questions about how social media affects health 

MARTHONES, TABLETS AND LAPTOPS BECOME AN INTEGRAL PART OF our lives – and with them social networks, without which work and personal communication now seems unthinkable. What do we know about social media? Almost everything, if we talk about their use for life, work and creativity (even our editorial cat has Instagram ). Enough if you keep in mind the interface and… Read More »

“White Poison” or Not: Should I Eat Less Salt?

SALT IS DECLARED “WHITE DEATH” alternately with sugar – and a complete rejection of it sometimes begins to seem like a simple solution to all health problems at once. On the other hand, the amount of salt in the diet, on the contrary, is often overlooked when discussing proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calories. The solution, as usual, is… Read More »

New Smoking “: Should We Give Up Sugar? 

IT SEEMS TO REFUSE SUGAR IS THE NEW BLACK. Increasingly, sugar is called the cause of all diseases, and at the same time, narcotic properties are attributed to it – supposedly it causes a real addiction. Although these claims are somewhat exaggerated, scientists and public health officials are also concerned about excess sugar in the diet. We figure… Read More »

Vaccinations and operations: Can children be treated in secret from their parents

In the United States, teenagers whose parents refused to vaccinate them are increasingly seeking vaccinations, although not all states have such an opportunity – usually, parental or guardian consent is required until the age of eighteen. The rights of juvenile patients is a complex topic, especially in the context of transgender transition or mutilation that intersex people undergo during… Read More »

Not worse than a frog, but much simpler “: 20 fascinating facts about contraception 

MODERN CONTRACEPTIONS ARE NOT PERFECT: hormonal drugs are associated with the risk of depression, condoms can break and are incompatible with some lubricants, latex wipes have to be clumsily gripped by hands. And where, after all, is the male hormonal contraception, over which scientists have been fighting for many years? However, all the shortcomings of modern means seem… Read More »

Out of the blue, my belly began to grow “: I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer

OVARIAN CANCER IS ONE OF THE MOST COMMON TYPES OF CANCER in women. Symptoms can be easily confused with signs of another disease – these include, for example, bloating and discomfort in this area. Alina Stepura, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, told how to live with this diagnosis and withstand relapses. About the diagnosis I have never had gynecological problems – my stomach didn’t hurt, my ovaries didn’t pull,… Read More »