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Should you trust calendar contraception?

How does it work? Although the menstrual cycle usually lasts about a month, pregnancy can only occur within a couple of days after ovulation. If you add a few days during which the sperm remain active, you get six to seven fertile (i.e. fertile) days. The difficulty is that you can only see ovulation with an ultrasound examination, and it is… Read More »

Don’t Buzz: How Not to Be Afraid of Electric Toothbrushes

THE FIRST ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH appeared more than sixty years ago, and opinions are still controversial: some say that it cleans better than a manual toothbrush, while others say that it is dangerous for tooth enamel. Dentists’ recommendations often differ too. We figure out how electric toothbrushes differ from manual ones, what they are and how you can actually… Read More »

How to choose a therapist when you are ready to seek help 

THE APPROACH TO A PSYCHOLOGIST is still experienced by many as a serious overcoming, practically a revolution. In American films, heroes go to psychotherapists as if they were going to work; in Russia, making an appointment is a turning point that not everyone dares to. And in vain, because states like the same depression are not a whim that must be… Read More »

How to cheer up in spring: 10 life hacks

Behind three winter months, the days are getting warmer , I want to shake myself up and become more active – but this does not always work out. Anything can interfere: fatigue after a long winter, monotony around or lack of clear plans. We have collected ten life hacks that will help you get out of hibernation, better… Read More »