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Playing on the nerves: Why anti-vaccines and HIV dissidents are believed

A few days ago we learned that Russia at Eurovision will be represented by Yulia Samoilova, a singer with the first group of disabilities due to spinal muscular atrophy. Unfortunately, the news was followed by reports that the cause of the disease was a complication of vaccination. In reality, this disease is genetic and cannot be caused by vaccination . We tried… Read More »

Question to an expert: Why spring beriberi is a myth

ANSWERS TO MOST OF THE QUESTIONS THAT HAVE ARE EXCITING TO US, we are all used to searching online. In this series of articles, we ask just such questions – burning, unexpected or common – to professionals in a variety of fields. Fatigue, drowsiness, dull complexion at the end of winter and early spring are often associated… Read More »

Women about partner childbirth

THE PRESENCE OF A LOVE PERSON AT LABOR has long become the norm in some countries and is completely UNACCEPTABLE in others – and in an ideal world it depends on the personal choice of a woman. In our country, conservatism is traditionally combined with innovation, and many are still afraid of joint childbirth. We talked with women who decided that… Read More »

10 signs you are healthier than you think

1 You move a lot Going to the gym is often mistaken for being physically active – but in reality, a person who does not exercise on purpose may well be more active than those who visit the fitness center three times a week after a sedentary work. If you walk to the supermarket, walk up… Read More »

I have 5 reasons for this: Why is there a delay in menstruation

LACK OF MONTHS WHEN IT’S TIME TO START ON THE CALENDAR can be frightening – especially if the menstrual cycle has always been regular. Premature bleeding can also give rise to panic – and yet every time it is not necessary to urgently run to the doctor (however, we assume that you see a gynecologist every year). The human body… Read More »

Healthy habits of the top manager of restaurants Evgeniya Obrazovoy

IN THE “LIFESTYLE” HEADING we ask different people about healthy lifestyle with a human face: we talk about the importance of taking care of ourselves and pleasant ways to make life more comfortable. The heroine of the new issue is Evgeniya Obrazova, CEO of the project. GOOD FEELING FOR ME is lightness inside and out, when it is… Read More »