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Hypovitaminosis B2

Hypovitaminosis B2 is a disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin B2 in the diet, its insufficient absorption from the intestines or intensive destruction and excretion from the body. It manifests itself as seborrheic dermatitis, rough scaly skin, swelling and soreness of the tongue, conjunctivitis, lacrimation, photophobia, redness and swelling of the lips, their peeling. With a prolonged… Read More »


Scurvy is a disease of the vitamin deficiency group that serves as a clinical manifestation of vitamin C deficiency. The main symptoms are bleeding and swelling of the gums, damage to the skin (dryness, petechiae on the extremities with a bluish tinge), bone and joint system (hemarthrosis, loosening of the teeth with their further loss) . The… Read More »


Pellagra is a vitamin deficiency caused by a deficiency of vitamin PP and tryptophan amino acids. The main symptoms are redness, peeling of the skin on the face and neck, hair loss, ulceration of the tongue, diarrhea, numbness and tingling in the extremities, paralysis, insomnia, weakness, distraction, decreased intellectual functions (dementia). The diagnosis is established on the basis… Read More »


Polyneuritis is a serious and dangerous disease associated with damage to the peripheral nervous system. Pathology is multiple and extensive. Polyneuritis is accompanied by multiple paresis, muscle weakness, decreased functional and sensitivity of the limbs. In the acute nature of the course of the disease, polyneuritis can be complicated. Inflammatory processes that spread to the central nervous system, significantly… Read More »


This group includes a variety of conditions, syndromes and diseases, clinically and morphologically expressed mainly changes in the blood vessels that arise as a result of tate allergic, anaphylactoid, and toxico-allergic reactions. With them, arteries, arterioles, capillaries and veins, and for the manifestation of these lesions is especially important Nie has a special vascular predisposition… Read More »

SMT – Super Powerful Training

In bodybuilding, there are various ways to achieve training stress, without which muscle growth would be simply impossible. One of these possible areas is the so-called heavy-duty training, in short – SMT. Trainings in the style of SMT imply a number of features that allow you to highlight an independent direction in bodybuilding. Let us dwell on them… Read More »

The effect of massage on muscles

When studying the effect of massage on the neuromuscular apparatus, special attention should be paid to the topographic location of the muscles. Movement is a complex act of the body, which is carried out by the motor apparatus. The concept of “motor apparatus” includes skeletal muscles, nerve cells that cause their activity – the so-called motor neurons ,… Read More »