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Muscle growth

Muscle growth Bright minds are still struggling with the problem of developing the mechanism of muscle growth. The search for the conditions of their growth, the study of the factors that interact and lead to this process, hormones, genes and much more is included in the range of scientific interests. They also conduct studies of… Read More »

The most effective exercises for calves

The most effective exercises for calves Rises on socks standing. The calf muscles are involved. Standing on the edge of the platform with a height of no more than 5-8 cm, the maximum rise on the toes and fall. In this exercise can be performed in the simulator, and with free weights. Try to avoid… Read More »

How to pump caviar

How to pump caviar Beautifully designed calf muscles to a considerable extent contribute to an aesthetically attractive appearance of an athlete. And on the contrary – underdeveloped calves with “swollen” thigh muscles only disfigure the appearance of an athlete. However, caviar is traditionally the most unloved muscle group by almost all athletes. And the thing… Read More »