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Why and who needs pre – training complexes?

Pre – workout complexes are a very popular sports nutrition in the world of bodybuilding and fitness in recent times. Even 10 years ago, if someone “threw” something before training, it was caffeine, ephedrine . But quite recently, such a bunch of products as BO boosters or “nitrous oxide” entered the market, which has gained incredible popularity and demand among bodybuilders and gym… Read More »

How do fat burners work for weight loss?

The entire Internet is full of information and ways to quickly and effectively lose weight. You can find many diets, training programs, exercises and sports supplements with which you can drive fat. In the entire range of sports nutrition products provided, get confused – just spit. We will tell you what fat burners for weight loss are , what kind of sportspit… Read More »

 Caffeine in sports nutrition

Caffeine is a type of alkaloids. So called nitrogen-containing organic substances of natural origin, which are obtained from plants. Each of the alkaloids in its own way affects the body. Caffeine is used as a stimulant of the central nervous system (CNS). It is found not only in everyday products (chocolate, coffee, green tea), but also in sports nutrition. Typically, caffeine… Read More »


Training Push-ups – an exercise that will help work out the triceps, chest muscles, shoulders. They do not require special equipment and special skills. By learning to do 100 push-ups per day, you will not only bring your ideal to the ideal, but also get a number of additional benefits, which we will talk about. Functional Improvements and… Read More »


Training A beautiful body should be slim, but not exhausted. Muscles are called upon to create the necessary relief – not overdeveloped, but in good shape. Therefore, diets and workouts should burn fat without affecting muscle tissue. How to understand that something went wrong and your muscles are rapidly decreasing? It’s hard for you to do even basic… Read More »

Boxing and training: all the advantages of this sport

Monotonous and boring training in gyms, many prefer boxing. It strengthens the will and spirit, helps increase physical and psychological stamina, gives confidence in their abilities. Professional classes are held in groups or individually. Qualified trainers develop programs based on the initial physical data of future athletes. A personal approach is important to achieve positive results. Experienced coaches train real… Read More »

Exercise machines for the hall: features and types

A gym is an ideal place for playing sports, which in itself motivates you to become better by observing other people who have already achieved success. The main tool for getting yourself in good shape is gym equipment – indispensable helpers, both for a novice and a professional athlete. The success of the gym depends on the range of… Read More »