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Athleticism involves the development of far from all six hundred muscles – such as, for example, the muscles of the tongue or face (although in the latter you, of course, can succeed if you actively use facial expressions, lifting a dispute twice as much weight as ever raised before that). Here are the muscle groups that… Read More »


The developed neck muscles in everyday life are usually not very demanded , therefore many athletes do not give them due attention in training. Nevertheless, a developed neck will avoid many injuries, say, when falling, in contact sports and many other situations. If the neck is weak by nature, then it is necessary to develop it, otherwise it will spoil… Read More »


You know the words “broad at the shoulders”? These are the words that often characterize strong, well-built people. Do you want to become one of them? Then here are exercises that can develop your shoulders. Exercise 1 This exercise develops to a greater extent перед the front and middle parts (it is not recommended to perform it with outsiders – they may misunderstand).… Read More »


As you already understood, exercises that develop the chest are the simplest and most well-known. This is push ups. Developing the chest muscles, you are in big ̆ extent than when performing other exercises strengthen your chest, and with Nei ̆ and lungs. A strong and hardy lungs, of course, is far from the last article in a healthy body. As for… Read More »

Abdominal muscles

By developing the abdominal press, you will get rid of excess fat deposits on the abdomen (if any), and in a well-developed state, muscle squares will be visible. In addition, by strengthening your abdominal muscles, you will support and protect some of the internal organs. Naturally, ordinary exercises (lifting and lying down) will give you much mesh. shi result than… Read More »


Legs are probably the most difficult to develop at home. Nevertheless, it is very vazhnyi ̆ element of the harmonious development of body, ” and does not include training etoi ̆ muscle groups in the home athleticism would be unforgivable. Therefore, I was able to pick up exercises, maybe in some way uncomfortable, but able to strengthen your legs. Exercise 1 Quadriceps… Read More »


Hands with dumbbells down. Raise your dumbbells by bending your elbows. How – choose for yourself: both hands simultaneously or alternately. Exercise  The same, only with a reverse grip, that is, the back ̆ side ̆ palms up. Triceps Exercise 1 The arm is straight, raised above the head ̆. Bend your arm at the elbow, lowering the dumbbell behind your head (some athletes are afraid of injuring… Read More »