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Thrust block for head

Description of the exercise The upper block for the head is performed on a specially designed simulator and largely imitates pulling on the crossbar. As in the case of tightening, this exercise is mainly aimed at developing back muscles. Despite the fact that this is a “exercise” exercise, it is often included in the so-called “base”… Read More »

Thrust block to the side

Traction block to the side can be done with both hands and one. However, the traditional is considered to be two-handed. Naturally, this requires a block simulator. The handle can be both soft and iron – it does not really matter. The block in the side – working muscles During the execution of the block to the side… Read More »

Shoulder Exercises

Training to increase the shoulders is aimed at pumping the deltoid muscles, which, with their insignificance of their size, play a huge role in the formation of athletic body composition. It is important to know the limit in the intensity of training and the level of loads, so that the cherished volumes do not turn into… Read More »

Abdominal muscle workout

It is not without reason that many athletes pay so much attention to the abdominal muscles: after all, they form the flat stomach that is characteristic of a sportsman’s body. In addition, the famous “cubes” on the stomach let everyone know who will look at them, that in front of them is a person who is… Read More »

Workout for girls in the gym

Most of the fair sex attends a gym solely in order to get rid of excess fat. And at the same time, they completely neglected strength training, for some reason considering that it would deprive them of their femininity and make them masculine. Indeed, against the background of strength training in the body of any person… Read More »

Partial repetition technique

This technique is very similar to the usual training, but its feature is the amplitude of the movement. It can be performed on ½ or ¼ standard movement. As usual, it is perfectly suited for the development of strength and mass. It is often used in both powerlifting and bodybuilding. This program is implemented most often on the… Read More »


Superset or super series is a very common concept in bodybuilding. This series was invented to effectively improve muscle and develop strength. A superset always runs with or without a weight loss, an athlete uses two exercises in one, and they should be directed to work with one muscle group. The method of implementing the training superset implies… Read More »

Training goals

An athlete who starts training activities must set a goal. The goal is closely related to what effect he wants to achieve from training. Based on the goal, a training plan is drawn up, and other features of the diet and a healthy lifestyle are selected. Why you need to decide for the purpose of training The… Read More »