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Bending the legs in the simulator lying

Bending the legs in the simulator lying – a special physical exercise that promotes the development of the biceps and calf muscles of the legs. This is one of the rare exercises that allows you to work the calf muscles, so you should not abandon it in the gym. The rest of the muscle groups are not… Read More »

Putting hands on a simulator for girls

Usually, girls are recommended to move their hands on a simulator with cushions for their forearms. This machine is in almost any club and is very popular. Exercise is given as an insulator for the pectoralis major muscle, and can be performed at any level of training, even if basic movements are not yet available. What are… Read More »

The reduction of the legs on the simulator

The reduction of the legs on the simulator is a qualitatively insulating exercise. Most often on such a projectile you can catch the seated ladies. Why so, now tell. Reducing the legs on the simulator – description of the exercise This exercise on the simulator is one of the most simple, it is almost impossible to get… Read More »

Calculation of the number of approaches

The number of approaches to the exercise depends on the effectiveness of exercise. Coaches and athletes principle of counting approaches is taken into account to improve the effectiveness of training. In this case, when performing several sets of exercises for different muscle groups, the number of approaches may be different. As a rule, with an increase in the… Read More »

Backrest in roman chair

Back extension in a roman chair is an exercise performed in many sports. Some sources believe that he has no place in fitness training, but if done correctly, it can be safe and beneficial. Back extension in the Roman chair is performed as a warm-up or basic movement, depending on the purpose of training and the preparedness… Read More »

Extending the arms on the simulator

Most often, the extension of the arms on the simulator for girls is given to beginners. Such people can not perform push-ups from the bars without burdening, they need to work out and push-ups from the floor in order not to make technical mistakes. In this case, working in a triceps simulator will help bring muscles in… Read More »

Arm extension in the upper block

The extension of the arms in the upper block is the shaping triceps exercises on the principle of isolating muscle groups. They also contribute to building muscle. The exercise involved the elbow muscles and all three heads / tufts of the triceps: The largest is lateral / external. Medial / lower internal. Long / upper inner.… Read More »

Breeding hands with dumbbells lying

Breeding arms with dumbbells lying to treat   insulating exercises , and sent to work out   chest muscles . When performing this exercise, only one joint is used – the shoulder joint, which ensures the maximum load on the pectoral muscles. Systematic performance of this exercise with the observance of the correct technique will provide a distinct, convex shape of the pectoral… Read More »