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Question to an expert: Are gel polish lamps dangerous?

We are used to searching online for ANSWERS TO MOST OF THE QUESTIONS THAT HAVE EXCITED US . In this series of articles, we ask just such questions – burning, unexpected or common – to professionals in a variety of fields. The emergence of resistant coatings for many solved the problem of manicure: nails look freshly painted for… Read More »

Don Corleone in a white coat”: Pharmacist on working in a pandemic  

WE TALK A LOT ABOUT HOW IT IS EASY for medical staff to face the COVID-19 pandemic – they face huge workloads and a high risk of infection. But it is not easy in other areas: many, before going to the doctor, go to the pharmacy. Elizaveta, a pharmacist from Yekaterinburg, told us about work during the pandemic, interaction with people and the shortage of certain drugs. I have been working as a pharmacist for about four… Read More »

Magic Wands: Are Protein Bars Really Good For 

THE FIRST PROTOTYPES OF THE FOOD BARS WE ARE FAMOUS appeared thanks to the development of astronautics. Howard Bauman, a food technologist at the cereal company Pillsbury Company, and his team developed solid food for NASA astronauts. Since then, protein bars have come a long way and have become an advertising bomb. Finding out if the bars are really as useful as they say. Space sticks… Read More »

“Food for Joy”: How nutritionists from different countries advise to eat

OUR CONCEPTS OF GOOD FOOD rarely match reality. Needless to say, both conservative gloss and pioneering Instagram blogs feed us bad advice every day . The Corpus publishing house published a book by nutritionist Elena Motova “Food for Joy” – with a body-positive and maximally non- disturbing approach to nutrition, as its editor and our regular author Evdokia Tsvetkova describes . We are publishing an excerpt from a book of valuable nutritional advice from around the world. Let’s look at each other’s plates In 2016 , a study on nutrition by Rosstat was published ,… Read More »

Why did they come up with soap, and how to use it correctly 

POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS BACTERIA ARE EVERYWHERE . In the air, in the soil, in the water, and on any surface we touch, including our own body. These are single-celled organisms that can reproduce on their own. And then there are viruses – genetic material in a protein coat that can reproduce only through attachment to host cells (therefore, antibiotics targeting certain structures in bacterial cells do not kill them). Our first line of defense against all this friendly, but not very… Read More »

How T-lymphocytes will save us from coronavirus and why they are better than antibodies

The pandemic WE ALL HAVE LEARNED A LITTLE more care of their health. And in the same way, they began to understand a little better about what they did not even suspect before : the structure of the human immune system, its interaction with viruses of different types and antibodies. The latter are especially interesting in the context of acquired immunity, which allows those who have been ill with COVID-19 (some more, some… Read More »

Crampi al nuoto: come affrontarli

Probabilmente, tutti coloro che sono stati impegnati a nuotare almeno un po ‘conoscono un fenomeno come i crampi – spasmi dolorosi che iniziano improvvisamente nei muscoli. Uno spasmo, accompagnato da un forte dolore al muscolo, di solito dura 2-3 minuti, ma durante questo periodo riesce a portare sensazioni molto spiacevoli. E anche dopo che il crampo… Read More »