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Kinesiotaping: How to relieve pain with colored patches 

FOR THE FIRST TIME ABOUT THESE COLORED TAPES ON THE BODY, THE general public learned during the Olympics in Seoul in 1988 – then Japanese athletes entered the arena, pasted over with kinesio tapes. Then they began to be used by American athletes, and later the whole world. How to remove edema with their help, speed up recovery and… Read More »

Checklist: 10 Signs You Have Hypochondria

We all know that health needs to be monitored – and it’s not only about the popularity of healthy lifestyle, but also in common sense: a problem detected in time is easier to treat. But sometimes, trying to protect ourselves, we get carried away and no longer see the difference between a real disease and its projection… Read More »

Can Sandwiches Be Good

We are used to searching online for ANSWERS TO MOST OF THE QUESTIONS THAT HAVE ASKED US . In the new series of materials, we ask just such questions: burning, unexpected or common – to professionals in various fields. Pairing a slice of bread or loaf with other food (like cheese) can be found in cuisines around the… Read More »

Checklist : 10 Things You Shouldn’t Know From Your Doctor

It is not enough to tell your doctor that you are suffering from insomnia , a stabbing in your right side, or a high fever. The more information the specialist receives, the faster the correct diagnosis will be made. Why it is important not to miss anything and to be frank during the examination, we found out from the experts:… Read More »

Is there a ” wind allergy “? 

If in the wind the eyes are very watery, the skin of the face turns red and flakes, it runs from the nose, a cough appears, but these symptoms quickly pass indoors (or any other place where there is no powerful flow of cold air), there is a great desire to write them off as… Read More »

Need More Iron: How to Cope with Anemia

However, “harmless” symptoms can signal serious health problems. According to the latest data from the World Health Organization (WHO), about 40% of women around the world face iron deficiency anemia, while almost 80% of Russian women experience latent iron deficiency. How to protect yourself from the disease and what to do if the diagnosis is confirmed, we… Read More »