Isolating exercises

By | August 16, 2018

Basic exercises allow you to increase the energy consumption that we spend in training. This is exactly what you need to lose weight while maintaining normal muscle mass. Using a “base” in training to reduce weight will help get rid of the popular problem – the need to eat at too low a calorie in order to at least slightly reduce the weight. This improves the figure as a whole, and allows the beginner to look better after a simple weight loss, without an additional cycle of gaining muscle mass. Performing basic exercises in training with burdening, which a person can lift 6-8 times allows you to have an activity factor “intensive training” when calculating calories. In addition, those who do not want to perform a lot of cardio must necessarily make a base to be able to eat variedly and lose weight;
Basic exercises help to correct motor patterns, which in everyday life lead to trauma. If you teach a person to squat correctly, keep a neutral back with weight, he will be immune from injuries when falling, carrying heavy weights in everyday life, and various abrupt movements;
the implementation of the base helps to increase the overall athletic level. If a person wants to run fast, or without injuries to ski, it makes sense to use a “base” to strengthen the muscles, and help in developing balance and explosive strength
However, basic exercises are not able to correct some of the shortcomings of the figure. When we perform them, our body mostly loads large muscle groups. And the small ones remain “out of work”. Therefore, the “base” often makes a figure by the type of athletes of powerlifting – large triceps, thoracic, quadriceps, buttocks, but “lagging” shoulders and shins.

Each person has lagging groups individually. If the client is healthy, his coach will recommend 1-2 macrocycles with only the base (about 2 12-week plans), and only then will he be given isolation to adjust the figure.

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