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By | October 1, 2019

During the period when I was running, I had to attend the celebration of the birthday of one of my friends (celebrated at the bar). I’m unaccustomed to drinking alcohol, I went over a little , I felt dizzy, and I went out into the fresh air. It did not help, and I suddenly for himself, he began to breathe in rhythm, kotoryi I used while jogging (it prompted me znakomyi, two years engaged in running). Within half a minute it became much easier for me.

The same thing with athleticism – only a different rhythm, breathing slower and deeper.

Before starting classes, be sure to warm up: sit down, bend your back, twist your arms, heads, etc. – this will protect you from sprains.

With regard to the pauses between sets, there is a certain opinion does not exist – some rest for half a minute, and someone, and as many as five, and kazhdyi believes that doing the right thing. I join the majority and advise to pause within forty-five seconds – three minutes. If you practice while waiting for the kettle to boil or the advertisement will end, then “pause” is generally an inappropriate word. Of course, in this situation, the effect will be less, but in any case, if you do any regular training, you can’t avoid a positive result. Just have to go to him longer.

Rest as a whole, as a component of the daily regimen, is not less, but even more important than the pauses between sets. I know that it’s quite difficult to comply with the regime nowadays. But if you want to achieve faster results in building muscle mass, I advise you to observe the following three points, if possible:

1. Allocate sufficient time for rest (sleep).

2. To minimize the number of stressful situations and as little as possible to be nervous.

3. Eat regularly and balanced.

I had a familiar, which, to my (and not only my) surprise, began to rapidly “increase in size.”

I knew that he terribly did not like “chemistry”, and did not understand how it turned out: he was engaged no more than the others, but was growing by leaps and bounds. Of course, I could not help but ask what was the reason. Moreover, the matter itself was not so hot.

– Vova, what are you eating? You will soon overtake all veterans. – Nothing special. – Same as everything. – Do you want to share secrets?

– Yes, nothing special. I just sleep a lot. At least ten hours a day.

Most likely, he told the truth, because at that time he graduated from college and still did not work – that is, he had plenty of time for sleep. But I repeat once again – each person has his own body, his own biorhythms. Napoleon Bonaparte, for example, had only three hours of sleep per day.

With the second paragraph, probably, and so everything is clear. Excessive nervousness, and an abundance of stress negatively affect not only the state nervnoi system, but in the whole organism. If under such conditions you can gain weight, then you will definitely have something to be proud of.

In the human body, there are more than six hundred muscles, different in structure, size, strength and functions.

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