Psychological protection

By | January 27, 2021

For many, psychological defense is a way of responding to aggression or a decent way out of a conflict situation. But this skill is acquired with experience, and even then not by everyone.

There are defense mechanisms in our psyche, laid down by nature. These are primary defense methods. In this way, our psyche reacts to traumatic situations and maintains self-esteem, while also restoring self-esteem.

These are the so-called patterns of response to various situations and such a primary psychological defense is a double-edged sword. The benefit is that we are able to accept a traumatic situation without losing our self-esteem.

But there are also disadvantages. Such psychological protection does not change the order of things. It only relieves feelings of anxiety. It also distorts reality for the sake of the emotional stability of our body.

Types and methods of psychological protection of the individual


Denial acts in such a way that if a person does not recognize, then this has not happened. Undesirable events are not considered to have happened. Such denial often arises in irreversible conditions – illness, death. Denial can also arise in family life.

Sometimes it is easier to close your eyes to the problem than to put the question bluntly. Well-off parents have a son – a drug addict. And the question arises where the parents are looking. And here the denial mechanism is at work. Parents do not even think that their child may be a drug addict. “This cannot happen to us,” they think, and they are mistaken, missing out on precious time.


This is also a way to escape from reality. The traumatic situation is forced out of memory. But this may not only be a nuisance. Someone else’s help, which came to you at a critical moment, can also be forgotten. For example, money situations or obligations can be forgotten.


The repressed information, leaving the consciousness, remains at the subconscious level. It may happen that this information can break out, but in projection. A person attributes his experiences, thoughts, or motives to others. The deceiver always imagines that everyone wants to cheat him.

But positive emotions can also be projected – how often can we admit that we are wrong? Especially if there is such a great mechanism as rationalization. It allows us to find good reasons for explaining unacceptable actions. With its help, we isolate ourselves from the world by a set of stereotypes, while spending a minimum of effort on analyzing information coming from outside.

Transparent way of protection

A transparent method of defense is reactive formations, in which we replace our own feelings with completely opposite ones. This is clearly seen in the behavior of adolescents when they turn inside out feelings that they consider shameful.

Psychological defense methods

Feelings should be poured out, a person can get into such critical situations where psychological protection is not required, but a certain release is required. Here you can resort to your own methods.


Aggression must always find a way out. It’s not for nothing that Japan has special relaxation rooms where you can kick a pillow or throw dishes.


If you cannot achieve what you want, it is easier to persuade yourself that it was not really necessary.


A primitive way of responding to aggression is to pout and be silent all day, or throw things around to attract attention.

The main thing in all these methods is to restore peace of mind .

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