The reduction of the legs on the simulator

By | May 22, 2019

The reduction of the legs on the simulator is a qualitatively insulating exercise. Most often on such a projectile you can catch the seated ladies. Why so, now tell.

Reducing the legs on the simulator – description of the exercise

This exercise on the simulator is one of the most simple, it is almost impossible to get hurt here. The simulator is a chair on which to sit, and depending on the purpose of pumping, place the legs so that you can flatten or spread the legs with effort. When performing an exercise in such a machine, there are some rules that are best followed, namely:

  • No need to bend the legs to a perpendicular position with the floor.
  • It is necessary to lean fully on the back of the “chair” so that the loin is flexed.
  • In the initial position, the legs should be separated as widely as possible. When mixing, the support of the simulator should be in contact.

What muscles are involved?

This simulator is also called the “Lead machine” and is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the same name. There are only three of them: short, long, large. In addition, the activation of thin, comb and broaching muscles. Also, doing on this projectile, you can tighten the muscles of the ilio-tibial tract.

The development of these muscles is a very important factor in training, since they are practically not involved in everyday life. These muscles are deep and hidden under a thick layer of fat, and other muscles, to get to them is not so easy. The trained muscles of this group will help to easily climb stairs, stand up or ascend the mountain peaks.

This exercise has many advantages, namely:

  • There is a strengthening of the inner surface of the thigh and the formation of smooth and smooth lines in this area.
  • Tightening the adductor muscles.
  • Improved posture and gait, increased stabilization when walking.
  • Reducing injuries that are associated with weak muscles in the target site.

Technique information legs on the simulator

It is necessary to begin the execution with the preparation of the simulator, namely: install the necessary burdening, adjust the width of the saddle. Regarding the last point, you need to carry out a test drive: sit on the simulator and take the starting position – if you feel a slight stretching of the adductor muscles, then everything is fine, you can proceed. The back should be straight and pressed to the back of the simulator. Hands should grab handrails, legs bent. Angle of 90 degrees or a bit more. Spread your legs to the level set on the projectile.

Inhale, then as you exhale, begin to compress the hips. Your knees should be above your feet. Reaching the end point of the trajectory, pull the hips as close as possible to each other. Fix the position for a couple of seconds.

Slide your hips smoothly while inhaling. The position should be slightly unfinished, that is, it is not necessary to fully return to its original position. This will help keep the target muscle in tension. Repeat the required number of times.

Useful tips

In order to get the maximum benefit from the lessons, it is necessary to take into account some subtleties that can be easily lost from sight, namely:

  • It is not necessary to return to the “full” initial position after breeding. It is necessary to smoothly spread legs, not allowing the return to the start.
  • Between approaches you can help the muscles to stretch, for example, take the lotus position and, pressing on the knees with your hands, pull the muscles – these will be the ones that work on the simulator.
  • When performing each subsequent repetition, do not climb on the seat, keep a stable position.

This exercise will be an excellent final chord when working through muscle adductors. It should be done at the end of the workout.

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