100 push ups program

By | April 12, 2019

The program called “100 push-ups” is a set of training to achieve a result of a hundred push-ups in one approach with a minimum level of athlete’s initial training. Such a program is necessary for the smooth inclusion of a person in classes without receiving damage to the muscle tissue, which often discourages the desire to train further.

Preparing for the program and determining the level of the athlete
There are options for this program, each of which implies a certain level of initial training. Athlete training levels are divided into three main ones: beginner, intermediate and advanced, which, in turn, have two subcategories for the lower and upper limits. In other words, the training program “100 pushups” is designed for six categories of athletes:

Entry level number 1.
Entry level number 2.
Middle level №1.
Middle level number 2.
Advanced level №1.
Advanced level №2.
The determination of the level of your own training should be approached as objectively as possible. If the forces are underestimated, you can lose interest in training, if overvalued – to earn serious damage to muscle tissue, which, in turn, completely discourage the desire to play sports.

How to determine the level of training for choosing the optimal program? It is easy to guess that for this you need to wring out from the floor as many times as possible. One approach is enough. The data obtained and should be used as the source to select the program. Thus, the indicator 1-3 times refers to the group of the initial level No. 1, 3-6 times the same level, but No. 2. For No. 1 of the average level, the ability to be wrung out up to 10 times is characteristic, for No. 2 – up to 13. The advanced level starts from 15 and 17 possible repetitions.

Each of the program options 100 push-ups designed for classes for 10 weeks for three days. It is important that between workouts was a break of one day. This will allow the muscles to recover and avoid injury.

The essence of the program is to gradually increase the number of repetitions and approaches. The result will be an opportunity to be wrung out 100 or more times in one approach and to improve this indicator in the future. However, the beginning of the program for each level of training is no more than the implementation of 3-4 approaches an average number of times.

An important condition is the mandatory warm-up of all muscle groups before training. To do this, do not need special programs, enough basic warm-up exercises for 1 approach each. Also between the approaches of each training day should be a rest of at least a minute to restore breathing and heart rate.

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