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Anatomy of exercise

If you want to get a toned body as quickly as possible, then monitor not only the number of workouts, but also their quality. Incorrect performance of some exercises can not only slow down the process of form-setting, but also harm your health. We’ll talk about common mistakes so that you can make your workouts as effective and safe as possible.

Vertical traction

The most common mistakes in vertical traction:

  • pulling the handle under the chest,
  • lowering your elbows behind your back,
  • placing the handle behind the neck,
  • Arrangement of arms too wide.

Proper technique:

  • Bend your back so that the chest is as close as possible to the crossbar;
  • The neck should be in line with the spine;
  • Put your hands on the bar slightly wider than your shoulders;
  • Keep your elbows pointing down.

Lunges are more difficult exercise than it might seem at first. The most common execution errors include:

  • leaning forward leg
  • straightening the hind leg
  • separation of the heel of the front leg from the floor.

The correct technique:

  • The front leg should form an angle of 90 degrees;
  • The knee of the front leg should not extend forward beyond the line of the fingers;
  • The knee of the hind leg should be parallel to the floor surface;
  • The spine should be straight.

Gluteal bridge on one leg

This kind of bridge is difficult to execute, and many make standard mistakes. Often people can not withstand a 90-degree angle for a supporting leg, and many are not able to raise their second leg high enough.

The correct technique:

  • Lie on a yoga mat and knees apart;
  • Tighten your buttocks and lift one leg up, make sure that it stays straight;
  • Lift your hips, make sure that the second leg is bent at an angle of 90 degrees.

Twisting with a rope

If during this exercise you keep your upper body straight, move your hips back and forth, sit on your back, then your technique is absolutely wrong.

The correct technique:

  • Keep your hips tense;
  • Tilt your body slightly forward;
  • When squeezing, strain the abdominal muscles, while rounding the back;
  • Head down;
  • Hold the rope by the special handles.

Block pull in crossover with rope

Most often the following errors are made:

  • with a push down, the elbows are outward,
  • the back bends forward
  • triceps contractions are absent.

The correct technique:

  • Follow a little bend forward and bend your knees, legs should be located at the level of the hips;
  • The elbows should be slightly bent and kept close to the body;
  • Engage triceps while lowering the rope.


Incorrectly performed squats can cause lower back pain. Many try to place their knees inward, but this technique can only injure the knees. Also, often when performing, the load in the legs is incorrectly distributed, resting on the socks.

The correct technique:

  • Keep your trunk and back straight, make sure that the weight is directed to the heels;
  • The knees should not extend forward beyond the level of the toes;
  • With squats, the hips should fall below the knees.

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