Extending the arms on the simulator

By | May 10, 2019

Most often, the extension of the arms on the simulator for girls is given to beginners. Such people can not perform push-ups from the bars without burdening, they need to work out and push-ups from the floor in order not to make technical mistakes. In this case, working in a triceps simulator will help bring muscles in tone and will contribute to the growth of strength indicators in general.

Exercise goal

Exercise will find its place in the training of beginners, and in the preparation of athletes of intermediate and advanced level. For a beginner, the goal of the movement will be to strengthen the triceps, tone it up, improve mobility in the joints, and improve blood circulation. And for intermediate or advanced levels, movement can be used to increase the load on the target muscle (triceps). Exercise is placed at the end of the workout, as an auxiliary for the intermediate or advanced level. And for beginners, it can immediately follow the press in the simulator on the pectoral, and the butterfly in the simulator.

Working muscles

Triceps – triceps muscle of the shoulder. Depending on the type of simulator for the triceps, various muscle stabilizers are also included.


In the simulator sitting on the bench, a trainer for hand extension

This machine looks like a bench with handles on the sides, in the process of work it is necessary to press on the handles, and the movement itself biomechanically repeats pushups on the uneven bars. In this simulator are usually located with his back to the pillow, hands are placed in the middle of the levers. Movement is the pressure on the levers, and the smooth, controlled withdrawal of them.

It is necessary to monitor the position of the wrists, to avoid their “break” in an unnatural trajectory. You should also lower the shoulders from the ears “forcibly”, so that the unnecessarily trapezius muscle of the shoulder does not turn on.

In the simulator kneeling, gravitron

In the simulator gravitron, you can do the extension of the arms on the triceps in a position that simulates push-ups on the bars. This simulator is designed for those who can not “squeeze” their weight from the bars, but wants to work the back surface of the hands. It is necessary to kneel or complete foot on the simulator cushion. The variation depends on the model of the car. After a stable position is taken, the belly is tightened, and flexion in the hip joints is eliminated, it is necessary to rest your hands on the handles of the simulator and go down until the handles are at the level of the armpits. Next is the bench press movement, elbow extension, and a smooth exit to the starting position.

In the simulator for the extension of the hands

Grip handles on top, sitting on the bench simulator and stabilization of the shoulder blades and spine. Then – the required number of extensions in the elbow joints.

All extensions are performed in 8-15 repetitions in 3-4 approaches, the number is selected depending on the purpose of the person and the responsiveness of his muscles.

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