Split programs for strength and relief

By | June 23, 2019

The development of power indicators requires training of the nervous system, due to the fact that after intensive loads it takes a lot of time to recover, the split system to achieve this goal provides more time for rest, which is aimed at restoring the body’s strength. This system of training is characterized by the fact that power indicators increase over time and the athlete needs to remember that the more muscles he uses to perform the exercises, the greater the effectiveness of training.

In strength training it is better to train more often and take short rest breaks. Such a training scheme can provide for the following training scheme:

  • 1 day and full body workout;
  • 2 day and rest;
  • 3 day and full body workout;
  • 4 day and rest;
  • 5 day and full body workout;
  • 2 days of rest.

For any split-system, it is characteristic that every week of training the list of exercises changes, the intensity of training and the number of approaches to the implementation of an exercise grow. Split systems for creating a relief body include sets of exercises aimed at burning fat mass. Due to the fact that after such training the body quickly recovers, a high-intensity training scheme can be used.

It is mandatory to take breaks between workouts, the load level is gradually increasing. To maintain the performance of high strength and achieve the goal of creating a relief press, it is better to adhere to a split system, which includes not only fat burning exercises, but also the development of body strength indicators.

The split-program for training is developed individually for each athlete and provides for the gradual achievement of the goal. The duration of the split-program can be different, so with the initial level of training and the desire to gain 15-20 kg of muscle mass, a year of intense training in the gym is needed. In addition to the preparation of a split system, an athlete must adhere to the diet, which can also be different depending on the goal set before training.

The complex of exercises in split-systems provides warming-up exercises and basic complexes of exercises that are performed during training. Observe a strict sequence of exercises. The split system is compiled by the trainer, and he exercises control over its implementation, if necessary, the trainer uses his own experience and gives the athlete the necessary recommendations for the goal to be achieved faster.

The use of only one split-system without adherence to diet and rest does not allow to achieve the desired result. And to develop a suitable split system, you must not only decide on the purpose of training, but also assess your level of training. Novice athletes perform simpler exercises, while experienced athletes are able to perform more complex exercises and achieve their goals in a short time. Regardless of the level of training and goal, each person who decided to start playing sports should, together with the trainer, choose a split system and adhere to its observance throughout the entire training period.

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