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How doping works

DUE TO THE DEVELOPED DOPING SCANDAL, Russian athletes will be able to take part in the Olympics only under a neutral flag . While others argue whether the reason was a “political conspiracy against Russia” and whether it is humiliating to act in a neutral status, we decided to figure out what doping is, why and how it is… Read More »

Chronic fatigue syndrome

THE FESTIVAL OF AMERICAN ARTHHOUSES 2A17 , starting today in Moscow, will show the documentary ” Unrest” , directed by the scriptwriter and the main character of which Jennifer Brea is a person with chronic fatigue syndrome. We watched the film and tell us what kind of disease it is, who has it more often and why the very name of the… Read More »

Question to an expert: Is it really necessary to drink rainwater?

We are used to searching online for ANSWERS TO MOST OF THE QUESTIONS OF EXCITING US . In the new series of materials, we ask just such questions: burning, unexpected or common – to professionals in various fields. We have dismantled several myths associated with drinking water, and found that carbonated water is safe for the stomach and the kidneys, drink… Read More »

Blossom: Do Vitamins for Hair and Nails Work 

THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF FOOD ADDITIVES AND VITAMIN-MINERAL COMPLEXES that promise to improve the condition of nails and hair, and if you follow the advertising claims, it seems that from such tablets and capsules useful substances go directly to the right places, bypassing the intestines, bloodstream and liver. We figure out why hair and nails can suffer… Read More »

Space Science: Why Mice, Beer and Sperm Are Sent into Orbit 

APRIL 12, 1961 YURI GAGARIN became the first person in history to fly into space. After a few decades, the incredible became almost commonplace – the world started talking about space tourism. True, it did not start very smoothly: in 1986, the first space tourist was supposed to be the American teacher Christa McAuliffe, who died 73 seconds after the launch of the Challenger shuttle,… Read More »

“Adrenaline addiction” does not exist 

The doctor, of course, will not diagnose “adrenaline addiction” (there is no such disease in the classification), but the obsessive desire to experience extreme sensations in people is quite common. In contrast, for example, alcohol dependence, where the “source of pleasure” an external factor, in the case of thirst adrenaline cause “dependency” lies within. Adrenaline is produced by the adrenal glands very quickly – and… Read More »

How to relax so as not to get tired: 10 life hacks for a healthy vacation

The long-awaited summer vacation for many is getting closer , and the thought of purchased plane tickets brightens up office everyday life like nothing else. Vacation is not a tricky business, and yet sometimes vacation brings only disappointment and an additional feeling of fatigue. We’ve put together ten tips to help you prepare for your vacation and make the most… Read More »

The Invisible Epidemic: Why Chronic Disease Is Our Biggest Enemy 

LIVING CONDITIONS ON THE PLANET HAS CHANGED STRONGLY: climatic shifts, migration, new technologies – all this and much more affects, directly or indirectly, human health. Now the WHO and the UN are seriously concerned about the so-called invisible epidemic – and this is not about exotic infections. Experts say that non-communicable chronic diseases, including diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular,… Read More »