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The symptoms of deficiency can be very different, but most often it is a deterioration in mood, weight loss, high blood pressure, peeling skin, problems with stools. It is known that more than 40% of all inhabitants of the Earth are deficient in vitamin D. Its deficiency is usually the result of insufficient insolation associated… Read More »


Lead a healthy lifestyle – diet, exercise, sleep 8 hours, but still catch colds often, get tired quickly and get a lot of nervous? One of the reasons may be an imbalance of vitamins and minerals. Physiologically, the human body is tuned to high energy expenditures, to which our ancestors were accustomed. However, with the development of… Read More »

Spirulina, what is it and why is it needed

One of the most popular nutritional supplements is spirulina . It belongs to the genus of cyanobacteria , blue-green algae . By interacting with the sun, this type of plant can generate energy . It develops well in fresh and salt waters . The use of the substance was resorted to in the fourteenth century . The product has gained real popularity in modern times . Its use in the form of powder in a home environment . Many useful substances in the composition positively affect the state of the body. With posobstvuet improved the brain . Spirulina has a rich composition of vitamins and minerals. Features of the composition and for what use spirulina                                 Protein . Spirulina contains 2 times more protein than in meat, and 3 times than in legumes. It is a valuable product for… Read More »

3 main problems with fat on the stomach …

When it comes to being overweight, people who want to get rid of it face 3 main problems. No. 1. Very stubborn Speaking of “stubborn fat folds” in 99% of cases, people mean exactly the stomach and “ears” on the sides. This is because it is there that deposits accumulate in the first place, when a person… Read More »

Generation Z addicts

The salt of death instead of the salt of life “In recent years, there has been an improvement in all indicators of drug abuse. People actually began to drink less alcohol, and the consumption of “traditional” drugs is also decreasing, ”says Tatyana Klimenko , MD, professor, director of the National Scientific Center for Narcology . – But at the same time, there has been… Read More »

Why and who needs pre – training complexes?

Pre – workout complexes are a very popular sports nutrition in the world of bodybuilding and fitness in recent times. Even 10 years ago, if someone “threw” something before training, it was caffeine, ephedrine . But quite recently, such a bunch of products as BO boosters or “nitrous oxide” entered the market, which has gained incredible popularity and demand among bodybuilders and gym… Read More »

How do fat burners work for weight loss?

The entire Internet is full of information and ways to quickly and effectively lose weight. You can find many diets, training programs, exercises and sports supplements with which you can drive fat. In the entire range of sports nutrition products provided, get confused – just spit. We will tell you what fat burners for weight loss are , what kind of sportspit… Read More »


At the heart of obesity is a violation of the balance of energy intake and expenditure towards the predominance of the first. It is manifested by excessive deposition of fat in the body, an increase in body weight, a violation of the metabolism and function of a number of systems and organs. Obesity is observed in… Read More »