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The effect of massage on muscles

When studying the effect of massage on the neuromuscular apparatus, special attention should be paid to the topographic location of the muscles. Movement is a complex act of the body, which is carried out by the motor apparatus. The concept of “motor apparatus” includes skeletal muscles, nerve cells that cause their activity – the so-called motor neurons ,… Read More »

12 secrets of healthy eating

Three quarters of the population in most European countries suffer from diseases whose origin and development is associated with malnutrition. These include: overweight, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, liver, intestinal diseases, cancer. The consequences of poor eating habits lead to a weakening of the body due to a lack of necessary and excess harmful substances. Over the… Read More »

Food after exercise

The goal of bodybuilding is muscle hypertrophy, which is based on anabolic processes. Anabolism is the process of restoring, strengthening and growing the muscle fibers of an athlete after hard training. However, anabolism is not always the dominant process in the body of an athlete. During heavy training, when the muscle fibers are destroyed under… Read More »


What is Omega-3? Omega-3 is a complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids found in marine and vegetable fats. That is, they can not be synthesized by the body, and are obtained only from food. As a rule, the lack of omega-3 in the human body can cause a lot of disorders and diseases. These are natural… Read More »

Mechanical growth factor

Mechanical growth factor Mechanical growth factor (MGF) – a substance that is produced after heavy physical exertion; is a subspecies of insulin-like growth factor (IGF1), produced in the liver. When muscle fibers are damaged as a result of the load, the receptors give a signal to stem cells. Those are activated and transfer their nuclei… Read More »

Fat burners

Fat burners Fat burners are special drugs that are designed to accelerate the reduction of fat reserves when drying the body or losing weight. Together with the elimination of subcutaneous fat, it is possible to make the muscles more prominent, to get more concentration in training. This sports supplement acts by stimulating the metabolism, which,… Read More »

Seitliches Verdrehen

Side Twists beziehen sich auf die Art von Übungen, die für jeden verfügbar sind, auch wenn kein Inventar vorhanden ist. In diesem Fall ist der Effekt auf die Muskeln des Kortex, entlang der Seite schräge Bauchmuskeln entwickelt werden. Manchmal werden beim römischen Stuhl seitliche Drehungen verwendet – als eine Variante der Hyperextension oder in der… Read More »

Cortisolblocker (antikatabol)

Was ist ein Cortisolblocker? Ein anderer Name für Cortisolblocker ist Antikatabolismus. Dies ist ein Apotheker, der in Cortisol eine antagonistische Wechselwirkung eingehen kann, seine Bildung reduziert oder überhaupt Aktivität unterdrücken kann. Solche Medikamente werden oft verwendet, um Muskelmasse vor der Zerstörung nach dem ACC-Zyklus zu schützen, sowie während der Fettverbrennung und arbeiten an der Linderung.… Read More »

Portable food during the protein-carbohydrate window

Protein sports nutrition gives its results after the first days of use. The speed of action is explained by the rapid assimilation of proteins found in protein powders and isolates. Sports nutrition is indispensable during weight gain or weight reduction. Normal diets will not lead to a beautiful body formation. If the goal is to… Read More »