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Sports nutrition is a special group of food products, produced primarily for people who are active in life, engaged in sports and fitness. Councils and recommendations of specialists. Reviews about dietary supplements for health.


Alcoholic liver damage is a group of acute and chronic liver diseases caused by systematic alcohol abuse. There are 4 types of alcoholic liver lesions: liver dystrophy, acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis (fatty degeneration with hepatocyte necrosis and mesenchymal reaction) and cirrhosis. The nature of the liver lesion does not always depend directly on the amount of alcohol consumed, but WHO does not recommend consuming more… Read More »

Natural Sources of Protein

Most protein is found in animal products – meat, eggs, milk, fish, seafood. Also, a significant part is in some types of products of plant origin – cereals, grains, such as beans, soybeans, lentils, etc. The bodybuilder’s daily diet should include all these products in their optimal ratio. Protein is a sports supplement and cannot… Read More »


Protein is a dietary supplement, the name of which is translated from English as “protein”. The biology textbook says that life is a form of the existence of protein bodies. For normal human life, eating food that contains protein is a necessity. With a long absence in the diet of protein foods, the human body… Read More »

Arten von Proteinen

Welcher Prozess ist besser? Proteinvergleich Protein – das Hauptelement in der Struktur der Muskeln. Die Popularität von Protein in der Welt der Bodybuilding-Athleten gewinnt an Popularität. Unter allen existierenden Nahrungsmitteln ist Protein das meiste Protein. Die Proteinernährung ermöglicht es dem Sportler, die gewünschte Muskelmasse zu erreichen und die gewünschten Ergebnisse zu erzielen. Proteine ​​sind die… Read More »

The protein-carbohydrat

The protein-carbohydrate window is a condition of the body when the metabolism needs the use of nutrients (proteins and carbohydrates), which become the engine of muscular creation. In fact, it is proved that this does not lead to an increase in the fatty layer and the appearance of fatty deposits. The energy received at this… Read More »

Isolating exercises

Basic exercises allow you to increase the energy consumption that we spend in training. This is exactly what you need to lose weight while maintaining normal muscle mass. Using a “base” in training to reduce weight will help get rid of the popular problem – the need to eat at too low a calorie in… Read More »

Argenine in food products

Although arginine is produced by the body on its own, this amount is not enough. Therefore, it is important to supplement the supplement in the form of sports nutrition or with food. Arginine is found in dairy products, as well as meat, seafood, nuts, cereals, etc. Reception, dosage, safety It is recommended that you take… Read More »


Arginine is an aliphatic amino acid that belongs to the group of conditionally indispensable ones and refers to sports nutrition as a nitrogen donor. In the body NO-synthase (enzyme system), affect arginine, synthesizing from it nitrogen oxide – a substance that is a mediator that regulates the tone of arterial vessels. On this depends the… Read More »

Side effects of L-carnitine

No research has shown any harm to health from taking L-carnitine, however, with side effects, not everything is as smooth as it is, among them the most common: Development of insomnia. Since after the release of energy is released, this effect is likely, although it is extremely rare. To avoid this, you need to take… Read More »