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Motivation: The Dog Diet Method

A couple of weeks ago, Zozhnik’s readers were well received by Dan John, who dumped the accumulated wisdom in the article ” Training Longevity – How to Be in Shape All Your Life “. Today Dan broadcasts about motivation and goals without pathos. After the publication of my next article, I receive a lot of messages asking me to write a program. I would love… Read More »

Evolutionary psychology of pornography

In the meantime, there is no credible data on the effects of pornography on public and personal health in these discussions; moreover, my attempts to quickly find some sane data on the Internet were unsuccessful. In search of answers to questions, I had to dive quite deeply into scientific research, and in the end I found something. A… Read More »

How to keep fit – 100 push-ups

I work in IT. This means sitting in the office most of the day. At home again sitting at the computer, which cannot but affect the tone and general condition of the body. At school, physical education was a compulsory subject, at the institute it was no longer compulsory. The sportsman told us in the first year: “Now… Read More »

Stretching for beginners – all about the benefits of stretching

It is impossible to imagine a full workout without stretching . Stretching is necessary for muscles after strength loads, with a permanent sedentary lifestyle. It makes muscle fibers elastic and flexible, and reduces the risk of injury and damage. In fitness, stretching refers to a separate area – stretching . Such training is possible both with a trainer and at home. Stretching is useful for the… Read More »

 Caffeine in sports nutrition

Caffeine is a type of alkaloids. So called nitrogen-containing organic substances of natural origin, which are obtained from plants. Each of the alkaloids in its own way affects the body. Caffeine is used as a stimulant of the central nervous system (CNS). It is found not only in everyday products (chocolate, coffee, green tea), but also in sports nutrition. Typically, caffeine… Read More »


Anorexia in Greek means “without the urge to eat . ” This is a neuropsychic disorder, manifested by an indomitable desire for weight loss, fear of gaining weight, deliberate limitation of the number and frequency of meals and the achievement of reference volumes of the figure. Most often, this pathology affects young girls, sometimes quite teenagers, aged 14 to 25… Read More »

Mid-term fasting

Under the average period for fasting is understood from one and a half to two weeks, sometimes we also mean fasting after an acidotic crisis. Every day of fasting after a crisis, the body is cleaned and restored, but you can afford to fast for so long only with proper preparation. Anyone who decides to fast for… Read More »

Hunger for good, effective fasting techniques

What types of fasting are used to lose weight and improve the body? Enumeration of the most common descriptive techniques. How to starve wisely so as not to harm your health. One of the popular methods of alternative medicine is therapeutic fasting. The name of the technique speaks for itself, it is a rejection of food, sometimes even… Read More »

Shorts and T-shirt.

Still, they dress in the hall like that, aren’t they? All, but not those who know what clothes help muscle growth, and not for beauty or convenience. I explain: it is necessary to engage in sweatpants and a sweater, also athletic, of course. So it will be hot – you say, and you will be right. It’s hot… Read More »