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Crossover (exercise)

Crossover (exercise) Crossovers are auxiliary exercises for the development of the muscles of the chest, or rather, their inner and lower parts. Performed on a special simulator – blocks. Crossovers are not recommended to be used as completely independent exercises in the “chest” complex, and in combination with such exercises as bench press, bench press… Read More »

What is Bimatoprost or accidental discovery that changed the world

The basis of modern and effective drugs used for the growth of eyelashes (Kareprost, Latisse, Maxlash, Bimat, Carelash) uses a substance called Bimatoprost. Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin class fatty acid in its structure. Bimatoprost is harvested from sea corals, or artificially synthesized from natural components, which makes this tool natural and harmless. Prostaglandins are a… Read More »


Wir alle wissen, wie sehr das Ergebnis von der Geschwindigkeit der Übungen abhängt. Die unterschiedliche Besuchsgeschwindigkeit beeinflusst das Ergebnis Ihrer Arbeit. Es gibt drei Arten von Kraftbewegungen: Positiv (sorgt für ein langsames Heben von Gütern). Negativ (bewirkt ein langsameres Absenken als Heben). Statisch (liefert eine Gewichtsverzögerung). Es gibt verschiedene Arten von Tempo für Übungen: Schnell… Read More »

Differences in basic and isolating exercises

The basic exercises have several key differences that make them the basis for training not a professional athlete: they cause a significant hormonal response, promote the secretion of testosterone and growth hormone. With adequate nutrition and sleep, they contribute to the recruitment of muscle mass much more effectively than training from only one joint exercise;… Read More »

Anabolic complexes

Anabolic complexes are additives that relate to sports nutrition, have different characteristics, but all have one goal – the stimulation of muscle growth. The composition of this type of drugs includes various plant extracts, amino acids, fatty acids, creatine, vitamins, minerals and other components separately and in different combinations. In most cases, anabolic complexes, regardless… Read More »

Plant adaptogenes

Plant adaptogenes The most effective for athletes are plant adaptogens, which include: ginseng, lemongrass, eleutherococcus, rhodiola rosea. Beekeeping products, such as flower pollen, royal jelly, pergus and tartar brood, are also listed, but efficiency has not yet been proven. The efficacy of Eleutherococcus and Ginseng has been proven, with its use, attention is doubled. As… Read More »


Levocarnitine or L-carnitine is a natural substance that is related to the vitamins of group B, but it is not B11 or Bt, as it is often called. It is a fat burner and performs a number of other important functions. You can often hear that it is called a vitamin, but it is not,… Read More »

Ischemic heart dysfunction

Ischemia (from the Greek “ischo” – to hold + “haema” – blood) of the myocardium is a condition in which the blood flow in the heart muscle becomes insufficient to maintain the rate of oxidative processes in the cardiomyocytes and there is a transition of intracellular respiration from the aerobic form to anaerobic. The paradox… Read More »


Promotion of the UFC on the official website confirmed that the battle between Habib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson will be held on April 7 in New York. The status of the match is about to be officially confirmed, but for the fans of the Russian fighter everything is clear now – Habib has finally received… Read More »


Morbidity (the frequency of new cases of the state of interest over a period of time in a population in which it was originally absent). The only way to directly estimate the incidence is to organize a cohort study. When it is carried out, a group (cohort) is formed, into which persons without CHF are… Read More »