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Training Push-ups – an exercise that will help work out the triceps, chest muscles, shoulders. They do not require special equipment and special skills. By learning to do 100 push-ups per day, you will not only bring your ideal to the ideal, but also get a number of additional benefits, which we will talk about. Functional Improvements and… Read More »


Training A beautiful body should be slim, but not exhausted. Muscles are called upon to create the necessary relief – not overdeveloped, but in good shape. Therefore, diets and workouts should burn fat without affecting muscle tissue. How to understand that something went wrong and your muscles are rapidly decreasing? It’s hard for you to do even basic… Read More »

Boxing and training: all the advantages of this sport

Monotonous and boring training in gyms, many prefer boxing. It strengthens the will and spirit, helps increase physical and psychological stamina, gives confidence in their abilities. Professional classes are held in groups or individually. Qualified trainers develop programs based on the initial physical data of future athletes. A personal approach is important to achieve positive results. Experienced coaches train real… Read More »

Exercise machines for the hall: features and types

A gym is an ideal place for playing sports, which in itself motivates you to become better by observing other people who have already achieved success. The main tool for getting yourself in good shape is gym equipment – indispensable helpers, both for a novice and a professional athlete. The success of the gym depends on the range of… Read More »

SMT – Super Powerful Training

In bodybuilding, there are various ways to achieve training stress, without which muscle growth would be simply impossible. One of these possible areas is the so-called heavy-duty training, in short – SMT. Trainings in the style of SMT imply a number of features that allow you to highlight an independent direction in bodybuilding. Let us dwell on them… Read More »

Therapeutic nutrition for certain diseases.

For gastritis with high acidity, a diet is recommended. Food for these patients is boiled in water or steamed, prepared mainly in well-boiled or mashed form. Meat, fish, mushroom broths and gravy, decoctions of vegetables (especially cabbage), all kinds of spicy, sour dishes and foods, spices, fried foods, raw vegetables, fruits, wholemeal bread, pastry, pancakes, etc. are excluded from… Read More »


The human body is created for physical activity. In primitive society only the most hardy survived. The human body adapts very easily to changing environmental conditions. Therefore, when constant demands are made on him, he adapts. Young men and women who, in childhood, played a lot of tennis and held a racket in their right hand, became stronger… Read More »