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SMT – Super Powerful Training

In bodybuilding, there are various ways to achieve training stress, without which muscle growth would be simply impossible. One of these possible areas is the so-called heavy-duty training, in short – SMT. Trainings in the style of SMT imply a number of features that allow you to highlight an independent direction in bodybuilding. Let us dwell on them… Read More »

Therapeutic nutrition for certain diseases.

For gastritis with high acidity, a diet is recommended. Food for these patients is boiled in water or steamed, prepared mainly in well-boiled or mashed form. Meat, fish, mushroom broths and gravy, decoctions of vegetables (especially cabbage), all kinds of spicy, sour dishes and foods, spices, fried foods, raw vegetables, fruits, wholemeal bread, pastry, pancakes, etc. are excluded from… Read More »


The human body is created for physical activity. In primitive society only the most hardy survived. The human body adapts very easily to changing environmental conditions. Therefore, when constant demands are made on him, he adapts. Young men and women who, in childhood, played a lot of tennis and held a racket in their right hand, became stronger… Read More »

Frequency of classes

How often do you need to play sports to get rid of stress and cheer up? Morning exercises and yoga can be done every day. The same applies to walking. If training requires loads (aerobics, gym, running, swimming, etc.) – two to three times a week, give training 30-60 minutes. Because the body needs rest, you do not need to train… Read More »

The benefits of charging for the body

If you do exercises in the morning, this will help not only lose weight, but also strengthen your health. Simple exercises invigorate, energize for the whole day. How regular physical education affects our body: Blood circulation in all tissues improves. They get more oxygen. This is especially important for the brain. Charging increases concentration, mental processes. After getting up… Read More »

10 main

Sooner or later, this day comes for everyone: you go to the mirror, look at your reflection and understand that this is impossible next. Excess weight or vice versa, skinny arms and legs, shortness of breath and weakness – with all this, something urgently needs to be done. And here a gym or a fitness club comes… Read More »

And tletism is one of the oldest ways of physical development

I do not want to be compared to other authors writing on this topic, and therefore I will not tell the story of this sport. I just think it’s odd – nikakoi use it you do not bring. Let me just say that athleticism – one of the oldest methods of physical development, kotoryi constantly evolving and continues to cultivate sei day. The benefits of… Read More »

With the odd well chance to make themselves better

So, if you have already decided for yourself that this is too good a chance to make yourself better not to use it, – congratulations. What will be useful to know for a person who has decided to engage in athleticism? Do not even hope that in a month, another or even in a year you will become like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although this is in… Read More »