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This group includes a variety of conditions, syndromes and diseases, clinically and morphologically expressed mainly changes in the blood vessels that arise as a result of tate allergic, anaphylactoid, and toxico-allergic reactions. With them, arteries, arterioles, capillaries and veins, and for the manifestation of these lesions is especially important Nie has a special vascular predisposition… Read More »


The appointment of any means of Traditional Medicine by persons unaware of medicine without medical examination is unacceptable. You can not use traditional medicine recipes without consulting a doctor, in the acute period of the disease and without finding out the exact diagnosis of the patient !!! The most gentle method of treating uterine fibroids is the use of herbal… Read More »


Homeopathy (from the Greek. Homoios – similar and pathos – suffering, illness) is a method of drug treatment of diseases, which consists in the use of minimal doses of those substances that in large doses cause symptoms in the body of a healthy person, similar to the symptoms of this disease. The founder of this treatment system,… Read More »


Arthritis is an inflammatory disease of the joint. Arthritis is characterized by pain in the joint, especially during movements, often there are restrictions on its mobility, swelling, change in shape and shape ( deformation of the joint ). In some cases, a serous, purulent, or bloody fluid ( effusion ) is found in the joint cavity . The skin over the joint… Read More »


Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic systemic inflammatory disease of the connective tissue of autoimmune origin, in which a group of joints is affected by the type of erosive-destructive progressive polyarthritis. As a rule, several symmetrical joints are affected at once. Joints of the hands, feet, wrist, knee, intervertebral joints of the neck become inflamed Arthritis develops, leading to joint deformity and… Read More »

Brucellosis arthritis

It is one of the frequent manifestations of brucellosis infection. Symptoms Usually there is swelling of the joints due to exudative processes, an increase in local temperature. When the joint is infected with brucella, the process progresses rapidly, gross destruction of bone tissue occurs with the development of joint ankylosis. The synovial fluid has a serous-purulent appearance and contains brucella. With the toxic-allergic form… Read More »

Hips and legs

To deer the joint is driven by the thigh muscles , as well as GOVERNMENTAL muscles of the lower leg. In general, muscle thighs, responsible for the movement of the knee joint, divided into two groups. The quadriceps muscle of the thigh, when appropriate to the front group, has four heads: rectus femur, the intermediate broad muscle of the thigh, the lateral broad muscle of the thigh and the medial broad muscle of the thigh. These are the main muscles that extend the leg at the knee. Biceps muscle of the thigh, semimembranous… Read More »

Lower legs and feet

A Vision of the foot and toes are made at the expense of muscle shin. Triceps muscle consists of ikronozhnoi and kambalavidnoi muscles having general sous hozhilie (heel or Achilles). Triceps and plantaris muscles, referring schiesya to the rear group of muscles tibia bent leg at the ankle joint (lowered foot down). In this movement involved the popliteal muscle, posterior tibial muscle, as well as dlinnyi flexor digitorum and dlinnyi fold Tel thumb by which carried out more and the movement of the toes. The long fibular muscle, the short fibular muscle and the third fibular muscle are located in the outer ̆ part of… Read More »