10 signs you are healthier than you think

By | September 14, 2021


You move a lot

Going to the gym is often mistaken for being physically active – but in reality, a person who does not exercise on purpose may well be more active than those who visit the fitness center three times a week after a sedentary work. If you walk to the supermarket, walk up the steps in the office, walk your dog a couple of times a day, or just walk out after work, you are most likely an active person.

WHO recommends for adults at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week – that’s five half-hour walks. If you walk twice as much and do strength training a couple of times a week, then you are observing the already expanded, and not the minimum WHO recommendations.

The need for sleep is different for everyone – but on average it is about eight hours of continuous, comfortable sleep. If you go to bed when you want to sleep (and not when the exciting TV series is over), and can afford to get up without an alarm clock, there is nothing to worry about.

Otherwise, it makes sense to work on habits – for example, putting off all gadgets and canceling everything an hour before bed – and sleep hygiene . Dark curtains, a comfortable bed, fresh air and pleasant bedding will help you fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly. If you sleep soundly and for enough time, but still feel tired, it may not be a matter of sleep, but of being overwhelmed by work.


You eat a variety of foods

In order for a person to get all the necessary substances from food in the correct amounts, the diet should include fruits and vegetables, fish, cereals, olive oil, a small amount of meat – or, for vegetarians, sources of protein such as legumes.

If you eat erratically and, as it seems to you, is completely wrong, try logging all the foods you eat in a special application for several days – it may turn out that you are actually eating the right amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


You do not abuse alcohol

A healthy lifestyle is consistent with moderate alcohol consumption – and even the Mediterranean diet includes reasonable amounts of dry red wine. If you do not notice the signs of addiction – do not attach your entire social life to alcohol, do not increase its amount, do not secretly drink from others – then you can not worry about a glass of wine at dinner.

Drink plenty of water and remember that the key word in drinking alcohol is moderation.

Smoking is known to cause a number of diseases and is one of the most important indirect causes of death worldwide – and by the way, e-cigarettes are not much better than conventional ones.

Even if you smoke one or two cigarettes a day and do not experience physical dependence – unfortunately, you are a smoker. Quitting can be difficult, and everyone does it differently – but those who have actually been able to quit the habit often have no regrets.


You are not addicted to gadgets

If you can’t take out the trash without a phone in your hand, and when you come home from work, you immediately rush to your computer to check Facebook – while you correct your habits. The overuse of glowing screens tires the eyes , and the endless stream of information makes it difficult to sleep well.

Try removing unnecessary apps from your phone and don’t take it to your bedroom with you. Perhaps it’s time to get some new rituals: read a paper or e-book before bed, or give up social media for a while .


You are harmoniously sharing your time

Even the most beloved and exciting work should not take up all waking hours – if so, then you are either overwhelmed or procrastinate a lot, and as a result, you finish work instead of meeting friends or going to the spa.

A healthy lifestyle is also a healthy psyche, for which it is important to harmoniously divide the time between work, friends, family and being alone. Harmonious does not mean equally: it is important for some to relax in the company, while the other manages to recover by walking alone with his thoughts at lunchtime.

Of course, life in a big city makes its own adjustments to the schedule, but a long metro ride can be accompanied by an audiobook, and standing in traffic jams can be combined with communicating with your family – call your parents. If time is difficult to balance, try writing your daily routine .


Your house is clean

Chaos distracts from assigned tasks, and dust and lack of fresh air are also harmful to health. Regular cleaning, no matter how lazy to do it, is also part of a healthy lifestyle and an investment of time in yourself.

If you ventilate the room every day, dust and mop the floors once a week, you have green plants, and the windows isolate street noise – congratulations, you are living in a healthy environment , and that’s enough. A humidifier and eco-friendly furniture will not hurt – but this is already out of the realm of dreams.


You are undergoing professional examinations

Healthy people also need to visit a doctor regularly, because it is easier to prevent many diseases than to cure them – and it is also easier to cure at an early stage compared to an advanced one.

You shouldn’t do “ MRI of everything ” or donate blood on your own “for all hormones” – but professional dental hygiene every six months, an annual gynecological examination and flu vaccination help to be healthier and feel that everything is under control.


You protect your skin from the sun

Every year, doctors are more and more confident that the sun’s rays are dangerous: the risk of melanoma significantly exceeds the benefit from the production of vitamin D under the influence of ultraviolet radiation – therefore, it is better to protect yourself from the sun, and take additional vitamin D.

Overuse of sunburn also leads to rapid aging of the skin , and cosmetologists often say that only sunscreen is a truly effective anti- aging remedy. Using SPF products should become a habit – and thankfully many skincare products already include a decent sun protection factor.

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