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Sports nutrition is a special group of food products, produced primarily for people who are active in life, engaged in sports and fitness. Councils and recommendations of specialists. Reviews about dietary supplements for health.

L-carnitine in sports

Carnitine is needed when there is a need to increase overall and special endurance. It is necessary in running, rowing, swimming and other aerobic sports. If the athlete does not need to reduce body weight, but at the same time the enhanced energy is important, L-carnitine can be combined with fats. When it is necessary… Read More »

Steroids: what is it and what are they used for?

As such drugs usually act as steroids. Anabolic steroids are substances that stimulate the growth, recovery and development processes in cells. They also help to increase the endurance of athletes. Initially, steroids were used to maintain muscle tone in bedridden patients. And only then they began to be used in sports. By its chemical composition,… Read More »

On the benefits of meat and the harm of yoga

Yoga and vegetarianism is a fraud created for the selection of money and health Yoga, vegetarianism and raw food are a well-promoted “business project” for fooling people and taking money, health and vitality from them by all Oriental gurus, their disciples and followers … On the benefits of meat and the harm of yoga In… Read More »

How Yoga Can Destroy Your Body

Yoga can completely destroy your body Many people, in an attempt to preserve or improve their health, and sometimes for the purpose of “enlightenment”, begin to practice yoga without even knowing what troubles this eastern “doctrine” prepared for them … How Yoga Can Destroy Your Body For today, yoga is closely associated with a healthy… Read More »

Sports nutrition: benefit, harm and myths

A poisonous-yellow cake, covered with mastic, sweet packaged juice and ketchup, per kilometer spreading the aroma of ripe tomatoes, most often confuse unless the adherents of proper nutrition. The rest are mostly used to not particularly think about and just have fun. Like, once the store is sold – it means, not so bad. But… Read More »

Doping – the path to victory or defeat?

The doping theme again became the most discussed. We determine the five most potent types of doping in sport. Unfortunately, once again we have to return to the doping theme. Scandals associated with the use of banned drugs, occur almost monthly, but something we miss the ears. This time around the doping story does not… Read More »